Panic attacks? What the hell are these things?

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by poison, May 6, 2007.

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  1. poison

    poison Well-Known Member

    Okay, lately some crazy shit has been going on with me. I've been having these "episodes" where I totally lose my conscience and go blank. It seems as if I'm watching a movie, and I'm not living my life anymore. I feel numb and tingly, especially in my head. I start to breathe faster, and I sometimes twitch. I lose sense of time, things seem to pass faster. It's as if I'm watching my life before my eyes. Yes, I am PHYSICALLY healthy at the moment; i've drank, eaten, and slept enough. Can ANYONE give me an idea of what this may be? I'm desperate. by the way, the "episodes" typically last 45 seconds up to a maximum of 2 minutes.
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  2. Sil

    Sil Well-Known Member

    I do not suffer from pain attack, but those usually are triggered by an event, an action or a thing, they don't come out of nowhere, so I don't think they're panic attacks. But I could be wrong.
    Now, reading again your post, I can say that these things happen to me too.
    Mine are definitively not panic attacks, they come usually when I'm in the street or in a crowded place, is it the same for you? I do not have panic or fear but suddenly I feel just like you said. It is a strange feeling, I hear noises muffled, but I do not twitch. Now that I tink of it, it usually happens when I'm confused, when I see all those people togheter chatting, talking, and I think "what am I doing here?", but I repeat, I'm not panicked.
  3. manofleisure

    manofleisure Member

    I have some knowledge of these incidents since I suffered from panic attacks for several years. You are welcome to speak with me about them more as panic attacks caused me great pain for along time.I would like to share what I know so that it might help others going through the same problems.

    my yahoo id is: robster512
  4. Jackson

    Jackson Guest

    I'm not sure if what you're describing is a panic attack. What are you thinking about when this happens? Maybe something's triggering your fight or flight reaction.
  5. ~Nobody~

    ~Nobody~ Well-Known Member

    Hiya Poison.

    I suffer from panic attacks, and that isn't what you're experiencing. However I also suffer from (sometimes very severe) dissociative episodes, and your description seems to fit that perfectly.

    There is a (fairly limited :dry:) Wikipedia article here, if you'd like to have a look and see if you think that sounds like what you're experiencing.

    If you are dissociating, it's pretty hard to deal with. Sometimes it just isn't controllable at all. However, you can get to know the warning signs and your triggers, and then practice techniques to avoid them. Dissociation is a defence mechanism, it happens when your mind just doesn't want to handle certain thoughts, memories, or experiences.

    When I dissociate, I loose all track of time. It definitely feels like watching a movie, rather than actually living it. I sometimes feel like I am watching myself, in slow motion, but in reality I find that a huge amount of time has passed. Sometimes I have no memory of what I've done during these time periods, which can be kind of dangerous (to myself). Sometimes I dissociate for only around 30 seconds, on occasion I have remained in a dissociative state for hours at a time. I often have the feeling that my skin isn't really my skin, if that makes sense? Like things feel... different. It's hard to describe, but I'm sure if you experience dissociative episodes then you will know what I mean.

    Do you have any idea what triggers this for you? Do you suffer from PTSD at all?

    Here for you if you'd like to talk more about this,


    ~Nobody~ x
  6. GhastlyDemise

    GhastlyDemise Well-Known Member

    It seems to me that it's dissociation. As Nobody described, I feel it like I'm half out of my body. It is mine, though not.. mine.
    If these periods stretch among a longer period of time, you should contact someone who has knowledge about stuff like this. It might be dangerous, if you start to loose contience. You don't know how your body will react.
    Here if you wanna talk. :hug:
  7. Ellycat

    Ellycat Active Member

    I don't know if mine were panic attacks or on the verge of having a nervous breakdown. My "episodes" occur randomly, and my heart starts pumping so fast. When I know one is forthcoming I usually burst into tears and have to leave whereever I am and find a quiet place where I can focus and gather my thoughts. It always helps to have someone with me to hold onto. After an attack I find it very very difficult to function for a few hours after. I can't hold down a conversation and my throat feels very narrow and my appetite just diminishes for the whole day. Hope that this is of some help.
    Sometimes they are triggered by having thoughts of no end to my troubles in sight and I get very paranoid.
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  8. I almost had a panic attack third period. We were getting back our grades for our research papers and speeches and I was freaking out cause I thought I had failed and they count for about five major test grades. It wasn't fun. I almost passed out until I saw I made a 93 on both. In mississippi, that's an A, so I blacked out. lol
  9. ~Nobody~

    ~Nobody~ Well-Known Member

  10. Spearmint

    Spearmint Well-Known Member

    Oh geez. I've been trying to figure this out for years. :laugh: I get dissociation, evidently, because what has been said in this thread fits what happens almost perfectly..
  11. Yeah, I was really, really shocked so I kinda blacked out. No one noticed. They thought I had just fallen asleep. That's how observant the school system is around here.
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