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Panic attacks !

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Anybody having panic attacks? I am having severe panic attacks especially in the morning before getting up. I have not realized it before recently. I have a strong urge to stay in bed all day. Few days ago I watched a documentary about agoraphobics. Are panic attacks first symptoms of this illness? Anybody having the same problems?
Yes I do get panic attacks a lot... I hate them...
I mostly get them when Im with other people and in social situations...
Sometimes they are out of the blue though...


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Panic attacks can be incredibly terrifying, and draining (I too suffer from them). I advise you to go to your doc about them as they can put you on meds for it to help control it.

There are other things you can do to help with them too. If you can figure out what it is that panics you, then you can do more to help yourself, but breathing techniques (breathe in for 4, hold for 2, and out for 5, breathing slowly) can help, maybe have a 'safe' object to hold if you feel yourself panicking, also maybe try grounding yourself using the grounding technique.

As far as agoraphobia goes, panic attacks can go alongside that, BUT they can also go alongside a lot of other situations too. Do you know what it is that triggers you to panic?


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I just wrote a reply to this and it's disappeared, even though I saw it appear. I'm mega confused.

Right, I'll try again, I guess.

Panic attacks can be terrifying and draining, but can be managed. Have you been to your doc about it? There are meds out there that can help you manage the panic and any other symptoms you may get with them.

Do you know what it is that triggers you? What makes you panic? If you cna figure that out then you stand a good chance at being able to help yourself find good coping strategies. One that paramedics taught me was breathing techniques, breathe in for 4, hold for 2 and out for 5. The counting needs to be done quite slowly, but this is how I manage all my attacks now so oncce it is practiced I can vouch that it is very effective.

You could do other things to help yourself, like keep a 'safe' object with you, like a small teddy, or stone, or soemthing, that you could hold when you feel yourself starting to panic. You could also try grounding yourself using a grounding technique (if you don't know what this is feel free to PM me and I will explain).

With regards to agoraphobia, yes, panic attacks can be part of that fear, but equally, they can be part of many other fears. Infact, panic attacks can show themselves related to any fear, not just going outside. Ideally you need to try and figure out what it is that is scaring you, and I really recommend going to a doc about it. They can really help.

Hope this helps, take care and feel free to PM me if you want to chat
Ah yeah I have panick attacks too, kinda like melinda in social situations. More when people are looking at me, driving me nuts ><
Breathing in a paper bag might help too, I smoke when I feel like panicking. Dunno if i'm an agoraphobic or they are really panick attacks tho. But its probly the best to find ut what scares you or talk about with a doc, so you might can solvw it. Should do that too >< WIsh you all the luck etc with it. You can always pm too or add me, not that I'll make a lot of sence, lol ><
take care hun :hug:
i don't know what causes my panic attacks. i think it might be major stress or something and i think social situations. not sure how often these happen though. i'm also caustrophobic too, so i panic if i'm around alot of people, especially if i'm having one of those days where i just don't want to be touched by anyone. i'll completly freak out if someone touches me when i'm like this. it will make me so uncomfortable. do you go through this too?


im having at least 8 or 9 a day, not severe but they make me sweat alot and I breathe like i've just ran 6 miles, I take 2 nerve pills a day but I dont think they're strong enough


Used to get them all the time, the good ones would go away in a couple of min, the bad ones would last. Mine came when I was trying to sleep. Wish I had some good advice on how to deal with em, I used to go running and smokeing until I felt sick, anything to make it trough.



Yep that good ol' panicky feeling that grows and grows. I have GAD, suspect I have bipolar tendencies although am not a borderliner and well the intense feelings and fantasy world lead to panic. The modern world is extremely stressful and we are too stimulated externally. I read that the more creative, sensitive and visual you are, the more chance you have to have panic attacks. Ways to deal with it:

1) Breathing
2) Playing loud music and dancing
3) Physical activity
4) Reminding yourself over and over that it will pass


There is an illness called Panic Disorder. I suffer from 8 of the 10 symptoms:

1.Feeling out of control
2.Feeling unreal
3.Trouble breathing
4.Feeling like you're going crazy or dying
5.Having a racing heart or chest pains
6.Sweating alot
7.Feeling dizzy
8.Having a choking feeling
9.You shake/tremble or tingle
10.Stomach problems or feeling like throwing up


I forgot to say that if you are suffering more than 1 of these symptoms, or even frequently feeling 1 of the severe ones proffesional help is suggested, whether through therapy and learning different ways of coping, or what they did to me(changed medication). That was the entire point of listing the 10 symptoms.... the point was definitly not to be all like: 'oh poor me' or anything like that. I've felt I look bad for the words I chose in the above post.

no point

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I also suffer from panic attacks. I'm confused though. I get really dizzy and nautious-enough to make me throw up most of the time-when I'm having an anxiety attack. I was wondering...how long do your symptoms last? I have been having panic attacks for a long time. Mine last for about 2 hours. The panicy feeling mostly goes away after some time but the nausea lasts.


Symptoms #'d 5, 6, & 9 do not go away for me, only vary in intensity(thus the doctors have medicated me to help this problem). And the whole thing about Panic Disorder is that it happens for NO REASON.... not like fear or anxiety which are caused or triggered by something.


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I've had them in the past. Not really bad ones. But they suck whether they're bad or not. They can be very unpleasant. I definitely tend to get them more when I'm in a situation where I don't feel like I have any control over what's happening. That would be basically anytime I go anywhere.


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I sorta had one this morning and last night. And now I feel so drained and tired. It seems like i've had it before though. It's really isn't nice at all.
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