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Panic panic panic

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Probably the thing that I hate the most about my depression is how debilitating it is. I'm finishing up my last year in college and have so many things to do that just keep piling up because I can't bring myself to do any work.
Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on what they did to motivate themselves and get work done when they felt depressed and paralyzed?

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Hi hun what you do is take on ONE task and one only okay at at time cross off that task them move on to the the next one. getting that one task accomplished will motivate you to do the next one Try not looking at the whole picture okay it only gets too overwhelming h ugs


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Like total eclipse said, break down work into small and manageable tasks. This is probably not helpful motivational advice but I don't let work pile up when I'm depressed or severely anxious because I get much more symptomatic watching the tasks pile up.
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