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    I just need to get this off my chest.
    I think I just had a panic attack...I dont even know what it was. I've had about 3. I'm freaking out. It feels like an asthma attack or something like im getting strangled, feels good though. I can't handle this anymore. I've had enough. Tomorrow, is going to kill me I wish I could just skip the WHOLE day. How am I suppose to handle it?
    I'm freaking out. I cant do anything now. Going out scares the fuck outta me. I need to be gone. Please take me away. I'm not afraid anymore. I'm more sure than ever. Of what I must do. I cant keep living like this.
    Fuck every person I have ever met. I hate everyone. What did I ever do to them? I get treated like i am the devil when all i tried to do was act nice. My parents are dickheads, everyone i know is a dickhead. I cant handle the pressure. I cant handle anything. I need to break free and to go home. I cant even cry now, incase i get "caught" I mean fuck. she needs saving. i cant do it. :(
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    I've been getting them too

    Just try and take deep breaths, helped me