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... While cutting I hit a vein pretty good. It's my first time going that deep.. I let it squirt for about 15 seconds and then paniced... I have a paper towel to my arm with a tie keeping it there. Can anyone share some advice?
Hey,I'd honestly say that if you have hit a vein you will have to go to the hospital. I know you won't wanna do that if you were just cutting coz it's your thing but it could be serious.
Oh dont say that? You weren't attempting to take your life so you don't wanna die right? Do you live with your parents? You could say it was an accident that you caught it on a broken bottle or something!!
It started out with just cutting, but then I just wanted to go on with it... I live with some friends, none of which I feel good about talking to.. making up some lie won't work. I have scars and scratch marks all over my arm..

The only other person in the house right now would be one of my friends who has a little experience as an emt.. So maybe I could get him.. Again, not something I want to do, but that is a better option..
I'm going to wait another 10 min and take a well sanitised towel, clean the wound If it isn't bleeding too badly, and then place the sanitary bandage over it with lots of preasure, keeping it well placed above my heart.
Yeah but just because you have scars on your arms doesn't mean you can't have an accident. I think you should get your buddy to come take a look,they will be able to convince you to get some stitches hopefully if it needs it. As I said it don't matter if you bullshit them at the hospital,they have to call you a liar and prove it,neither of which they are likely to do.
It's good to know I won't just be thrown on suicide watch. Hopefully that's the case, although I wouldn't mind spending a month away from this Hell... X.x

I'll get a hold of my friend if it becomes too much for me. Thank you Mark. XD I think I'd still be in a panic if you hadn't said anything.
Hey your welcome,regarding the cutting only you know if you've truly meant to go further with your cutting tonight. Is it a cry for help and if it is then maybe it wouldn't be the worst thing you could do to reveal the truth. I would like to think you will reach out for some help eventually.you take care now and get that seen to if your housemate thinks you need to. Laters
I didn't bother getting help. I found some peroxide and had the bandage replaced, slept, and replaced it again this morning, being careful not to just rip it off, wetting It with water and slowly peeling. It stopped bleeding and there is no infection. :)

I do have someone to talk to about the problems I have, though the main ones I still avoid..
Glad it worked out ok for you and you have someone to talk with. I was wondering how you'd got on. I know it sounds stupid but try and be careful when your cutting! I hope your scare last night was a wake up call for.
Take care of yourself


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i was in the hospital ward with someone who cut through their tendons in their arm attempting to go to the other side. she is an intelligent person that i thought made a mistake. hope that you get to feeling better!
That makes me sad hearing about that girl.. I try to avoid creating irreversible damage in cutting or making an attempt because the odds of living with it are against me. I know I'll screw up eventually and regret it for the rest of my life. x.x

Thank you.
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