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i dont know if this is the right place to post, but i need help. i think ive been having panic attacks, and i cant make them stop. my chest is so heavy, for the past few days, the pain wont cease. i was sitting at church, my heart started racing, i couldnt breathe. even now, for like the past hour, ive had pains through my chest, im weak, things are hazy, some moment i feel like i literally cant move, and the whole time, wondering what the hell is wrong with me? i am not safe from these sudden attacks, and my chest just wont stop hurting at all. does this mean theres something wrong emotionally under the surface? ive always struggled with depression, but i dont know whats causing these attacks. maybe i need therapy. im so out of it, i feel like im on drugs or something, which im not. i dont know what to do, oh God, my chest hurts, its all fading


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are u still here???? How are you feeling?? if your chest is hurting that bad....get to the hospital....quick....I'm no expert on panick attacks...so here is what Im gonna do to help ya out...gonna leave this post here...because you are in crisis and I think this is a good spot...please let us know how you are doing....will be thinking of you.....Jodi
If you are feeling as you say you have been, i agree with Jodi. It is not something to play around with. If it is panic attacks you can get something to help with them, if not you need to know that too. Please seek medical advice. Err on the side of caution.
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