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    It's been 4 years today that my father-in-law passed. But still miss him greatly. His grandchildren still havent found a way to fill the void that his passing made. But they now share happy memories of him and ask to go to the gravesite on the anniversary and on holidays. I only pray that his rest has been peaceful and that the good Lord has not allowed him to witness the cruelities that have happened to me and my children at the hands of his son since he passed. He was aware of the things his son did but it wasn't until his end was near that he experienced 1st hand and wanted to do something about it. But it was too late and the cruelity of his son finally killed my father-in-law. And because of that I will carry a guilt for the rest of my life. Because I couldn't stop what was happening to me and my children from happeining to my dear Papa Al. Hope he understands why it is so difficult for me to participate in the gravesite visits my children hold. I want to so badly but just cant. Forgive me Papa Al. Rest in peace Dad.
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    You don't need to visit the grave sight to honor his memory. It sounds as if you do that anyway. I am sorry that you all had to suffer at your ex's hands. I will never understand why some people wish to hold such power over one another that they have to cause them incredible harm to get it. I am sure your father-in-law would understand. Keep his memory alive with your children. Talk about the good times and share stories they can pass down to their children. :hug:
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    i am sorry for your loss :hug: