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papau new guinean tribe meets a white man for the first time

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There goes another good society about to be corrupted and destroyed by Europeans.
about to be? PNG has been under the influence for a long time. although it's still pure in a way, you can clearly see the effects australia and uk have on it. for example the whole "i'll give you pot, you give me old guns" thing. ^^ So yeah, corrupted.

the video is interesting though. :)


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Indeed, 97% of the country's population is Christian, and spread across dozens of wildly different denominations. It's long been one big gold mine for missionaries seeking to peddle their own "true" version of the universe's workings.


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Is there nothing sacred anymore?? I mean they have lived many years isolated and self-sufficient. Now, the white man comes along and ruins everything, including their view of god. The white man can ruin so much.


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All this negativity, you realise that that entire region is full of tribes living their traditional way of life despite contact with westerners...
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