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    I got one yesterday. it itched like hades...
    I let im take advantage...what a stupid girl i am...he said he loved me...he always says that...then he tells me to go kill myself...and i try--it never works why?


    I told him i tired to kill myself...he called me a gulliblle bitch. im a stupid bitch to let him take hurt during his pleasure...he doesn't understand. I hope he never looks at me again with that smile...enjoying yourself seth?
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    They always have to show me my faults. shove it in my face. shove it up my nose WHY DONT YOU? and if i say i wanna sleep forever they tell me to go do it...and if i try, they tell me im stupid....its a pointless fucking cycle.

    boys love me if i love them back. BUt i dont want i wont. But at least then i feel happy. sorta. they always take advantage...makes you feel good enough, until they leave...heh. theres no point to anything.
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    If you explained the problems more I'd be able to try and help.
  4. Who_Cares

    Who_Cares Member gonna try...I am a people pleaser...i like to make people happy...but it doesn't make me happy, but i think it does...ummm...
    read the poems.
    they will help you...undertand...I think.
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    its not funny