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Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by Pebble, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Pebble

    Pebble Well-Known Member

    sorry for the post but I was just wondering if anyone knew the answer to my question? I am getting really bad headaches it feels continually at the moment and unfortunately the only thing that helps - paracetemol - I cant swallow them (completely stupid I know) but I was just wondering if it was possible to just use the powder from the caplet paracetemols and mix it with a drink to take like that? I have tried iburofen and children's capol but nothing seems to be making a difference and I'm kinda fed up now. Sorry to be a pain and post asking but if anyone knows and could help, I'd appreciate it x
  2. plates

    plates Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't suggest dissolving it like that, because capsules are there for medication to be released safely? I don't know for sure though.

    There are things like dissolvable paracetamol, which is good and fast acting. You might have to ask over the counter in chemists, rather than them being on display.
  3. Avarice

    Avarice Well-Known Member

    I'm the same - I can't swallow them - so I use disolvable paracetamol and/or 4head which is just something you roll over your forehead a few times and the headache disappears.
    Thing about the disolvables is that they taste pretty gross though, but if you have a really really bad headache chances are you won't be able to taste it anyway.
  4. Pebble

    Pebble Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the help guys i appreciate it x yeah I know what you mean about the disolvable ones tasting disgusting, I cant stand them. I'm too scared to ask the chemist as I dont want them getting the wrong idea - where I live everyone seems to know everyone and all about them so I dont want people thinking the wrong thing if I ask them that sort of question x