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I had a dream about it being night time on the beach. Me & my crush, who is also a friend of mine, were the only ones around. Everyone else was nowhere to be found. I closed my eyes in the dream and feel the wind blow around me. He walks up beside me, takes my hand, and says "what are you thinking about?". I told him "how I wish this could last forever. how we could just leave everything and everyone else behind us". I opened my eyes to see him smiling and laughing. He then said "we never have to go back. this can last forever". I then said "huh? really?". He said "yes really. its just us now". I smiled and hugged him. All of a sudden, I found the ground we were just standing on below us. I gasped and clinged onto him more. He said "don't worry, we can't fall. only land when we want to". I then said "how?". He then said "I told you that we never have to go back. Now you see why". I was shocked. I then asked "what happened to us?". He smiled sweetly, kissed me and said "we weren't good enough for them. they didn't love us like we love each other, so we left them all". I then shed a tear and said "I remember now..". He then cleared the tear off my face and whispered "angels don't cry. especially beautiful ones". I then smiled and we both landed back on the ground. We sat down on the ground and cuddled close while looking out at the ocean. He whispered "welcome to paradise darling". I smiled and said "you to".

Oh gosh that dream could go on and on. If only it was real. If only I wasn't part of life. If only Paradise was real. :blub:
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