parallel creatures

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  1. Popa

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    They are weak creatures who walk on air

    they celebrate pain with laughter

    joyous when the forest sheds a tear and a leave

    jubilating as water is drained from the ocean

    the songstress of the air is brought down

    but the creatures ate with glee and sang with laughter

    They are blind creatures

    where chaos is celebrated as the future

    idiocy is masked with intelligence

    the creatures must rise and rise

    but beauty and everything else must fall

    They are complementary creatures

    and there lies the hidden strength

    while others dance

    some become miserable

    when some triumph

    somebody else is shamed

    when intelligence is claimed

    idiocy advances beneath

    But everything must end

    including triumph and shame

    and at the end the creatures realized

    the evil they have advanced.
  2. Popa

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    All the friends gathered together
    cross-legged as they meditate
    their eyes closed as they starred into space
    minutes passed and then hours of deep thought
    suddenly they came back to earth
    in seconds they decide their life still need meaning

    They claim validation
    but all they want is a colony
    the current flight time is too short
    and the machines have no life

    with time the flight becomes longer
    aboard the flight were rigs to drill
    they claim knowledge
    but set out to look for drugs to heal their existence

    they traveled afar
    drilled the lands of many cities
    mined the best drugs they could find
    and came back to earth

    The next day the friends came together
    they lay on the sofa for they were too tired and fat
    but they need to meditate
    and again they closed eyes
    minutes and then hours passed and suddenly
    they came back alive
    their life still need meaning.
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