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Does anyone suffer from this?
I think I do, I read the symptons a few days ago and I related to them.
If you do suffer from it how can you overcome it?


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i think i suffer from paranoia too, altho i think part of mine is my head telling me everyone worries about the things i do, so im not entirely sure if im paranoid or "normal" but i know some of my thinking about somethings is way out there so overall i think it isnt normal

im not really sure how you can over come it, i guess you just have to try to counter the thoughts and tell yourself the way youre thinking is wrong

sorry if none of that made sense, ive been thinking about this a lot recently my self

I'm really paranoid. I so fucking hate it. I can't really overcome it. I just try to avoid people. But I know that isn't the right way. Therapy might help, but I don't want my parents to know that I've problems. But it might work for you :)


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I'm paranoid. To what degree?- I don't know. I wasn't born w/ it, but it developed when I was being harassed by b*tches. 'Conspiracy' has been a big word in my vocab :unsure:. I agree with blub about therapy, but overcoming it by other means?.. I'm asking that question as well..
Yeah it's probably normal to be a little paranoid every now and then but bad paranoia goes along with a lot of disorders..

I have yeah...



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Thanks for all the replys.
I don't want to go to therapy though, I think it will make me more paranoid I think, maybe this will pass off in a few years.

Cheers though :hug:


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I'm not sure thats the right thing to do. If anything, if you leave it alone, it may actually get worse.
I know that therapy can be strange and embarrasing but I suggest you go and try it out at least once, just give it a shot huh?
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