parental intervention anyone?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by dumdumgurl, Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. dumdumgurl

    dumdumgurl Well-Known Member


    i just went for pre op and well i have to go to the hospital where i was airlifted to get the "hardware" taken out of my leg as it's causing the pain. anyway... while we are chatting she says you had a suicide attempt in 2004 right? and i'm like damn i was unconcious and i know i wasn't wearing any identifying tatoos stating this so i'm like how do "they" know and then it hit me. my ASSHOLE SELF RIGTHEOUS freakin father! they all thought i did this car accident on purpose andi didn't, assholes! i've had it up to my ends with his meddling and now i'm determined more than ever to end it all. how humiliating and totally uncaring and thoughtless of him. no one defend him because i don't want to hear it. it's not for my own good it's his self righteous attitude that has caused this. so now these people must have thoght she hit what they assumed was a tree on purpose and i didn't damn it. i've had it with this sick fuck of a world. you can't even forget about your problems because big brother is always on your back and self righteous SOBs. my sister will side with him cause she's a sick fuck too. and i'm sure others will defend himn but i've had it to hell i can't wait until i can use mypills and alcohol. i do have stuff to help with the vomitig and so i think i'm golden. i almost was last time and i will be this time with god's help and i think he will help or else this would not have come up today where i have now felt i'm cornered into doing this and just want simple heart relief and i can get it. thanks to those who understand and are with me. your support means everything!
  2. SeemsPerfect

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    D/ heart goes out to you - it really does. :sad: I guess your dad thought he should have said something b/c he was talking to a medical professional -- BUT I DO AGREE WITH YOU. I wish he didn't say anything b/c...

    1) You've already told them the accident was NOT a suicide attempt!!!, and
    2) Even if it was (though it was NOT) that is a personal and family issue. It's messed up to go into the matter with someone else.

    Still, I hope you're able to make it past this w/out hurting yourself or bringing things to a close. Good luck and if it means anything I can see why you're so p/ssed over this.

    BTW: Good luck w/ your up-coming surgery. Hope you feel better soon (in every way).
  3. pisces-music-girl

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    Good luck with your surgery.

    I have never attempted suicide, but if one of my parents went and did that, I would be pissed as all hell. And I mean, super freak-the-fuck out pissed.

    You have every right to be angry. Just don't dwell on it too often.
  4. Insignificant

    Insignificant Account Closed

    please please hang in there. don't give up. i know us parents can be a pain in the ass, and honestly i can't imagine why your dad would say anything because personally i can't see myself doing that sort of thing. that is a private matter and i can totally see why you're pissed off. certainly there must be another way of handling this anger. i want to see you around here. i don't want to see you go.

    i sincerely hope your surgery goes well for you, and please continue to share here. i think it helps to vent and if you need someone privately to chat with certainly feel free to pm me. i'll listen

    please please take care
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