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    I write this not from of experience of being a parents ( cause I am not one) but from experience of neglect from my parents.
    I grew up with epilepsy starting at the age of 3, and I cannot tell anyone in detail how much it affected my life growing up to today.
    I wish to tell parents of all things, as much reading as you may to try to understand the disability, please please do not put the child's thoughts and feelings about this to the side, when he/she gets of a certain age to where you think him/her can understand the subject of the conversation, sit them down talk to him/her ask their feelings about it, what they wish to do with their life.
    My parents did no such thing, they was letting my teachers do all the work in that department.
    And as much that can come in handy, your kids only actually see their teachers so many months/years, which has lead me to believe that parents are the strongest influence in a child's life, let them know that.
    I say this not to insult anyone, but to let everyone know with a child of any disability that yes they will need a bit more attention then normal kids (as much as I hate to believe or say that) cause the world will be so much harder for them to prosper in, I talk from experience there.
    I have had to work with the department of human services just to try to find a job all on account of ignorance and neglect, cause of how people fear what they do not understand or just do not care.
    So I say show that child with your own hearts and words they the world is not a place to fear for them to fear, unfortunately it does take more time for a disabled person to land on their own two feet, that's why you need to give a much support as possible.

    For those that have read this, and took any advice from it, that mans a lot to me.
    My own parents had a hard time with doing such things for me, cause they never did learn how to react to having a disabled son..but my mom did the only thing she could think of, and that was get me on disability, and that was ok, but if it can be helped don't let your kids rely on that for life, like I probably will wind up doing, and that's only cause at the point i am at now, I have not worked for 5 years, and my chances on school look low, but I am trying to go on and do what I can to have somewhat of a life.

    So to you parents out there, I say this from my own experience.
    Try to help your kids who have a disability live a good life.
    Thanks you for listening to my rants.

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