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Parents and life in general

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I can't take it anymore... I've had enough of it, the silence, its getting to my head, and just well, EVERYTHING. It aint fair.. I was there for her, but then when I need her is she there? No. I aint her mother, she's meant to be MY mother. :cry:
I am sorry about how your mother is treating you and making you feel so aweful......my mother kinda did the samething I was 7 years old being terrized and sexually abused by her husband and she told me never to tell anyone or it would be my fault and ofcourse things that happend to me didn't matter but if someone pisses her off look out she wants me to be her mommy.....nope sorry, can't even take care of myself.

I don't know why 'some' parents do that, I dunno if there parents did the samething or if they are just selfesh people or what sometimes I wish I knew and sometimes I just wanna let it float away, let go, but you can't let go yet because yours isn't a memory, mine is, yours is still reality.

I am sorry I can't do anything, want me to flip them off? :tongue:

I am here if you need me as always, get on msn if you need to talk I have cable internet so I am always on but just message me and if I am at the keyboard I'll sure as anything reply and talk with ya. :hug:

love ya and keep your chn up, you have loads of people here for you and that care for you.





Will pray for you,
TDM, I know this is extremely hard for you. You need to set your mother down and tell her how you feel. She may not appear to listen, and it may hurt her, but you need to do it for yourself. I know she would not wish you to feel this way. She is hurting and probably can't see exactly what all this is doing to you. If possible, talk to your dad as well. Hun, they need to know. If nothing else, it will get them thinking. Keep trying your grandfather as well. You said your mom respects and listens to what he has to say,. You can do this, I know you can. I am always here for you hun. You can find me if you need to. I am thinking of you. :hug:
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