Parents, Stress and Suicide

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    If you read this, thank you, really, my parents lately have been on my back lately because I don't take responsibility of my life of cooking and cleaning the house. Yes i am young but this is my culture and thus being a female I am supposed to do this. I understand that so please don't take it as if that's making me suicidal it's more making me stressful.

    What's making me suicidal is the fact that I truly can't find a reason to live onward. I haven't told my parents about this so they just think i'm lazy no good daughter who brings shame to the family. Though this does SLIGHTLY affected me it's more the fact that they don't know about it. The only thing that can cheer me up so far is my boyfriend, he knows how depressed i am and was once depressed like i was, not for the same reasons but he was depressed.

    Since he is of the same culture and race i am, he faces the same difficulty but being a male he is busy helping with other relatives. So being that he can't get on as much due to his responsibilities when i'm often depressed. Lately and more often than i like seeing, not to long since i last posted this, my parents have been tired of how i've been "acting out" so much and tell of how they want me to change from the evil bad person i am to a better person fit to be a wife. I don't know what to do honestly, i'm scared of telling them this because of how they'll react to it.

    I don't mind if you don't reply, I don't mind if you didn't even read of all of it to be honest, i just feel like writing down to relieve the stress and hopefully some help. Even it's it's not a lot...
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    Hey you :)
    Sometimes it really helps to just post thoughts and stuff here, and I'm really glad you did. It seems a bit like my situation to me, but you probably have a better relationship to your parents tham I have. I would never have told my parents about my thoughts, but I thought I had to, but in the end everything that came out in the end was my parents being angry at me and unwilling to help, so that wasn't a good idea for me. Do you still go to school? If so, is there a teacher you could ask for help in such cases? I hope you're alright..!
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