Parents, urgh.

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  1. Deathly Strike

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    Why are my parents so fucking rude?

    Seriously, they treat me like shit. Okay, they might not know that I suffer from manic depression, or what exactly is going on in my mind, but all the signs are there and yet they proceed to treat me like something they just scraped off the bottom of their shoes. I hate it so much, and it's driving me crazy. For example, they call me a 'useless waste of space' and say that I'll never get a job because of the way I act, look, etc.

    "Jesus, thanks. It's nice to know that you treat your manically depressed, suicidal son with such Goddamn care and respect. Can I feel the love? No, I fucking can't, now get out..."

    Last night, it was getting to a point where I wanted to grab the pills and just choke 'em down just because I wanted them to shut up. I came so close today to telling them everything, and again I chickened out. I know that if I told them it would shut them up but it would also mean weeks and weeks of unwanted questioning. I hate them.

    I hate them.

  2. ~PinkElephants~

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    Do you think if you tell them you are a manic depressant they might be a bit more understanding? Not that I am condoning the way they treat you or the things they say to you because they are wrong. But, if you sit them down and say look this is how I am, how I got here, and how I'm feeling they may be like "oh shit, we didn't know" and possibly ease up some? Just a thought

  3. -Sunset-

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    I think kanani's right, telling them exactly whats on your mind and what you are going through could be the best thing for you. I was in an art lesson once and my teacher kept goin on and on at me about the little amount of work i'd done, she didn't know I was trying my best to support a suicidal friend. She was shouting at me, and I was just looking at the floor, I just felt frozen over, her words echoed in my head. When I snapped out of it I looked her in the eyes and she knew something was wrong. I don't know if it was a look of fear or sorrow in my teachers eyes, but it was something I had never seen before. She took me out of the class and sat me down in the next room and asked if everything was ok, I explained to her that I had a friend that was in dire need of my help, and explained everything to her. She couldn't have been quicker to apologise, she told me that if I had all that going on, the last thing I needed was her adding to my troubles. She had to tell our year head, because it was school policy if anything like that arised. She backed off, and wasn't any trouble to me for the rest of the year, in fact we was almost friends.

    I think telling your parents is the best thing you can do right now. I know it might seem tough, but once your over this final hurdle, you should see you parents turn from nagging annoying people into caring and supportive family. You can do it. I know you can. You can do anything if you put your mind to it.
  4. Insignificant

    Insignificant Account Closed

    i have been talking with someone about my parents, and to some extent they seem to be like yours. i would like to share this....

    there comes a time when we must stand up to our parents. it doesn't mean that we have to be disrespectful but firm yes. your parents making comments like that are totally and completely uncalled for. i would encourage you to tell them if they can't say something nice or helpful to please don't speak to you at all. then you can explain to them what is going on. then remind them if they are not going to help the situation then to please keep their judgements to themselves.

    i had finally taken that step with my own parents and i never felt so good. they helped nothing but they weren't walking all over me anymore.

    try it see how it goes...good luck and please take care, hang in there and continue to vent as you need to here. we will do our best to support ya.
  5. Deathly Strike

    Deathly Strike Well-Known Member

    I can't tell them, though. I've tried countless times and I just can't do it. I've even got them to sit down after telling them I have something to confess, and then I just kinda back down and walk out. I'm such a chicken, it pisses me off. How did you go about telling them exactly?
  6. resistance

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    You could try writing a letter, that way you won't miss anything out either. I'm sorry your parents are being this way, I hope everything gets resolved soon, can't be easy for you.
  7. Insignificant

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    the thing that helped me in telling my parents was knowing this was a matter of, it's just a matter of fact. it's not always easy doing what we know is right. in fact it's harder than anything else, but know that it has the greatest pay off or rewards in the end. you can feel a real sense of pride for knowing you stood up for yourself, and that really counts.

    you are going to open the door to the possibility of change. maybe it does maybe it doesn't but you gave it a try. that counts for alot. we can't just let life pass us by and know that your feelings totally count even if u don't see it from your parents.

    i am somewhat guessing you're somewhat afraid that their just gonna keep doing what their doing and not try and help. that my friend would be a worst case scenerio, but chances are something will change in that relationship somehow. so if you don't like the way it is now take a step and make an impact. i'm gonna tell ya right here right now i totally believe with all my heart you can do this. maybe you're waiting for the right moment? or maybe you're waiting for enough courage to build? idk but i think resistance had something when she shared that maybe you could put it to paper. you could either share from that or just give it to them. either way you will feel so much better because you at least got it said. worth a shot anyways. why not give it a try. again i know you can do it!!!!!!!!:smile:

    be sure to let us know how it goes too
    please take care