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    I Am Going To Explode. My Parents If That's What You Want To Call Them Attacked My Little Sister Last Nite In Front Of My 6yr Old Neice. Grabbing Her By The Throat, Trying To Break Her Fingers, She Has Bruises On Her Arms. They Told Her To Get Out Was Nite Time, With A 6yr Old, What Kind Off Sicko's Do I Have For Parents. She Won't Come Down To Mine Because Little One Has School, She's Looking At A Place On Wednesday To Move Into, It Doesn't Matter What State Its In, If She's Away From Then, And Is Warm That's All That Matters. She Has No Money, She Has No Funiture Nothing And They Now Kicking Her Out. I've Given Her Money To Come Down Here On Friday So She At Least Has A Few Days Break From Them. Were Going To Go And Get Bits For The House During The Week For Her. I Want To Go And Get Her And My Neice But If I Go Near There I Will Hurt My So Called Parents, I Will Kill Them, My Temper Is Raging And I Want To Do Some Damage And I Want To Do It Now. Right Now.

    I Want To Hurt Someone. No-one Hurts My Little Sister And No-one Does It In Front Of My Neice. I Don't Care If They Family Or Not.

    As My Older Sister Said, It Would Have Been Better If We Had Been Adopted, Then Maybe We Would Have Had A Chance Instead Our Heads Are Fuc*ed. They Have Ruined Our Lives And I Want Revenge.

    Sorry I Am Raging, I Will Do Something Tonight I Don't Know What But I Am About To Explode And Damage Is Going To Happen.

    I Can't Calm Down. Red Rag To A Bull Is The Same As Someone Hurting My Little Sister. Fuc*ing *****.

    Why Do Parents Hurt They Own Children. I Put Up With This Until I Moved Out When I Was 27 And My Wee Sister Had To Move Back A Few Months Ago And Now She's Getting It. I Hate My Parents. I Wish I Had Been Adopted, I Want To Kill Them Both. I Want To Hurt Them So Bad.
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    Hun :hug:

    I know exactly how you feel, the same thing happens to me and my sister, I don't understand why parents do it either

    You just feel like doing anything and everything you can to protect her?

    Try and calm down a bit, hurting other people won't help

    How old is she hun?

    I feel that way everyday, but in the end it makes things worse, so just hang in their for yourself and you little sister

    :hug: :hug:
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    I thought you said that you had not seen your dad for years.. is he still around then?

    To do what your parents did is even in the best circumstances unforgivable, but far far worse in front of your niece but DO NOT DO ANYTHING STUPID... USE THE LAW..YOU MUST KEEP THE LAW ON YOUR SIDE...

    The situation is simple.. if they physically hurt your sister then this is assault.. take her to the police and vent your anger there and not otherwise.

    I know it will not be easy but what can you possibly lose from doing so?It will I agree be hard for your niece because she may be a witness but there are specially trained policewomen ( and men) who deal with situations like this.She needs to know that bullies cannot get away with such behaviour

    Also social services may be able to help your sister ,your sister is blameless,your niece and nephew will not be taken from her if that is a concern
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    Its my step mum remarried when I was 12 ~ I've not seen my old man since I was 6, so 22 years ago.

    I don't know yet what we are giong to do, i didn't sleep last ntie becuase I'm so worried about her..more then I am about myself, she's my younger sister, my neice and I hate that they being treated this way.
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    I can understand how you are feeling but you have now been given an opportunity to right a wrong.

    Sorry for shock tactics but it is ESSENTIAL for your niece to know that people cannot get away with behaviour like that.Your mum and step-dad need to know the same thing.In my view this is a "no-brainer" and that is not meant to sound derogatory.. GO TO THE POLICE AND HAVE THEM CHARGED WITH ASSAULT..this is your chance to fight back
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    I'm not from london but I assume they have garage sales, classifieds, and second hand/thrift shops. perhaps a womans shelter may also have contacts or donations. You may find some necessities very cheap. I wish you both the best of luck..

    I agree with yur feelings, i haven't been hurt like that and my mum is wonderful but I know i'd feel the same. Just remember if you do hurt them they could easily get the law on their side and you'd be no help to your sister and neice. infact they'd probobly look at her story as a cover and charge you with attempted murder.:eek:hmy:
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    U know what scares me most about going to the police, that we either won't be believed, the whole past comes out and we/I lose all my family. I know my little sister just wants to move out, and then remain in contact. I love my mum so much despite what she does, but at the same time I hate her...but everyone has only one mum....Its all very confusing.

    I have been looking around for fridges etc for her, until she has an exact moving out date and a place I can't order anything as my place is too small and having works done on it so I can't store anything large for her, I am doing what I can for her but it just doesn't seem enough.
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    Lost, it is CRITICAL that you "seize the day" in relation to this.This could be yours and your sisters' chance to partially at least put right many wrongs

    In terms of being believed ,that is ultimately for a jury to decide,the police have the obligation to arrest the assaulter but to do so a charge must be brought.The relationship between the assaulter and the person assaulted is irrelevant- a crime has been committed

    ok, you love your mum but why did she let this happen.?Why also did she let your dad do what he did ?

    Who actually did the assault?

    You and your sister cannot let your niece think that people can act like that and get away with it.. what happens next time?It could be the little girl..

    The police can get social services involved and it could be that they can arrange temporary accommodation.You are doing your best but this is an issue that needs sorting properly

    I am more than happy to pm you if you prefer
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    I agree with numberman. Please contact the authorities. Your niece needs to know she can be safe with the police on her and your sister's side.
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    Social Services.....No way, they have left my step neice and nephew in the care of the mother and step man, the step man who is forbidden to see he's own children because he abused them. He also abuses my step neice and nephew.

    It was my step father that assulted my sister on sunday night, my old man was violent to my mother and I guess she was scared of him I really don't know why she didn't protect us, she told me a while ago that she went to counselling due to the domestic violence because she felt it was all her fault, but counselling made her see it wasn't...but still she didn't protect us, and was emotionally, mentally and physically abusive to me, she knew I was being sexually abused when I was 10-15 and still sent me to he's house..and threatened me with boarding school if I ever spoke out.. (I spent some time in a behaviour school). its a long story.

    I don't understand why my mother done nothing, I really don't I'm sorry.

    I want to go to the police, but at the same time I don't want to hurt my mum, but want to protect my sister and niece, I just want them out of the house..I have a problem with people in authority I don't know why, but I do..I know I should report him I'm just scared, I sound so pathetic and naive. I'm really sorry. My step father has been in prison before (before they met).

    Great now everyone see's how messed up my whole family is, my whole damn family, my whole life is a joke, a sick joke.

    sorry, now you see the kind of person I am, i'm so damn nasty, sorry.
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    I have told you before to not say sorry.You are NOT nasty,will you stop that

    Point taken re social services but please consider it again

    Do NOT reconsider going to the police:if your stepfather has been in jail before it could very well have been for violent behaviour.. this time it was your sister , next time it could be your mum or you or your niece.. how are you going to feel if your niece gets hurt at some point in the future when this man could have been dealt with.. another assault conviction would almost certainly put in back in jail and away from you all

    I am afraid that I cannot fee much sympathy for your mum but an assault charge would not be levied against her but against the man who physically threatens her daughters and granddaughter so if anything you would be helping and not hurting her

    GO TO THE POLICE and stop saying sorry..I said to you before that I am more than happy to pm all of this if you prefer
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    Hun :hug:

    I know that you don't want to hurt your mum, but I think in this case you need to put yourself and your sister and niece first and tell the police. Now I know how easy that is to say, heck I have been told I need to do the same thing but just don't have the courage. However I did get social services involved and honestly they didn't do much. They did a 7 day assessment and just left.

    So telling the police is the best course of action. PM me if you need to talk, I am in the same position :hug:

    You have NOTHING to be sorry for sweetie, none of this is your fault and you are doing your best :hug: You sound really caring and loving, the oppisite of nasty :smile:
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    Possible Trigger

    I would go to the police if I didn't fear what would happen, the police now my step father very well, and my step brother ~ You know what would happen if we reported it, we would be killed (which is ok for me, but now for my sister and my neice) I want to protect my sister and neice, I just don't know what to do..My sister has to press charges, I will speak to her again. I just don't know. I sound so ungrateful, I'm not but I must come across such a biatch. sorry.


    You have to know the truth about my whole happy family....for all to see..u can see the kind of person I am.

    Lets talking happy families...

    Mother, old man married...4 children - 1 boy and 3 girls.
    Old man (physical, emotional and sexual) abuse
    Mother (physical and emotional abusive)
    Brother - (physically abusive)
    3 girls all abused...sexually, emotionally and physically.

    Old Man remarried - she has 3 children..2 boys and 1 girl
    1 boy - (sexually abusive)

    Mother remarried - he has 5 children..2 boys and 3 girls.
    Step father (physically abusive, and possibly emotional abusive)
    1 boy (sexually abusive)
    1 girl (sexually abused)

    Step brother married - 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl.
    He's ex wife - physically abused all 3..2 still live with her.
    He's ex wifes now husband - physically and emotional abusive.
    1 girl sexually abused my her mothers father.
    Old Mans' family - NO CONTACT
    Mothers' family - NO CONTACT.

    Mothers' brother..abusive.
    Mothers' brother..committed suicide.
    Mothers' brother..control freak.

    wow how lucky am I..I love my family so much.

    This is the family that I've been trying to pretend are happy, and go lucky...and the bubble burst and the family I've tried to pretend was the waltons, are far from it. Should I go it alone, should my sisters and I fuck off now..and then what...My older sister moves around alot, my little sister probably won't be in the UK in the next few lucky me....

    It would have been easier to be killed at birth or aborted like my mother told me so many times she wish she had, adopted, or to have successfully killed myself...then I wouldn't have to deal with the daily shit my loving, caring fucking family bring me....I'm glad Idon't have children, I wouldn't want to inflict my family on any child of mine.

    shoot me now, shoot my whole the world from us, were all dangerous, nasty, posionous..shoot us..
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    You are beginning to ramble a bit which is a worrying sign.Your sisters and niece and nephew need you to be strong here.Just as a point of clarification, where is the father of your niece and nephew?

    WHO would kill you if you reported the incident to the police? If you mean your stepfather then the police really need to be informed .GET THIS MAN LOCKED UP.This is the ONLY WAY that your sister and niece will be protected.If you really are this scared then the police could arrange for a safe house in the very unlikely event that your stepfather would be given bail..given his criminal record,I cannot see any magistrate agreeing to bail anyway.

    I find it difficult to reconcile your not wanting to hurt your mum with the comment that she said on a host of occasions that she wished she had aborted you. An "emotional assault" like that is no better than a physical one

    You and your sisters have the opportunity to break the cycle of abuse within your family and to ensure that your niece is not dragged in BUT YOU CAN ONLY DO THIS BY TAKING PROPER ACTION.. A message needs to be sent out by you all that you have all suffered for too long and will do so no more and that any attempt to hurt any one of you will be dealt with by the full force of the law.A well-publicised imprisonment term would send the right message out

    If you can show that you and your sisters will take any LEGAL measure available to protect yourselves then the more undesirable members of your family will keep away.. that will mean that you will not see them .. you have to create a structure where your niece and nephew can grow up safely.In that way any children that you may have in future will only know the "good side" of your family.

    I know that you know that your niece and nephew are worth it,do you really want to gamble their future because that is precisely what you will do if you do not go to the police ,I hope that that is a stark enough statement for you all.
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    my step neice and nephews father is living near them, they have been to court but the lawyer things only gave him access and wouldn't remove the kids as their wasn't enough evidence..the eldest boy lives with him. we have tried everything, we have followed normal procedure, social services let us down, the courts let us down.

    \i don't know what to do, I don't have faith in the courts...I don't have any faith in them and they don't do anything to protect you, or anyone. If we go to the police we could make things worse. I hate it all.

    I'm not strong enough to protect my sister, and my neices and nephews..I can't do it on my own and it would be on my own because my little sister won't do anything, my other sister and step family will go against me, i only talk to one of them as it is (only just mind).

    Ive got my anti-depressants topped up today. I want to just take them and be dead. then I won't be part of this family. take the easy way out becaise I can't cope. I'm bad blood. bad bad bad blood.