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  1. Dance4Life

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    Passion exceeds everything in life,
    The pain or suffering, emptiness or strife
    When passion envelopes you, you cannot resist
    It can be love's greatest enemy, or love's greatest gift
    It can turn you to jealousy, or make you feel great
    It can fill you with anger, happiness or hate
    It can be the making of a kiss so divine
    Or heartbreak because you can't say that 'she's mine'.
    It's a reason for living, a reason for dying,
    A reason for smiling, laughing and crying.
    A loved ones touch, a strangers kiss,
    A spark of electricity from someone you missed,
    A connection so pure, from one to another
    Its the reason you try when they don't think you should bother
    God it can hurt, can hurt just like hell
    Hidden passion, with nobody to tell
    Sometimes it seems its not worth the pain
    But with the pleasure of passion, you cannot refrain.
  2. Dance4Life

    Dance4Life Member

    Better this way

    Happiness is just not the same
    I turn away
    But there you are again.
    I try to run but my feet wont go
    I try to cry...
    But the tears they just wont flow.
    Inside my head theres memories
    When we were happy
    When things were meant to be
    Sometimes I wish I could be there again
    But it cant happen
    So I'm sorry to say its the end.
    I know I'm hurting,
    I know that you're in pain
    But can't you see things just cant be the same
    When we move on and when you look back someday
    You'll see the truth...
    It was better off this way.
  3. Petal

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    Lovely poems hun :hug:

    Haven't seen you about in a while,hope you're ok :)
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