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Discussion in 'Bullying and Violence' started by luso, Oct 21, 2007.

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  1. luso

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    I was bullyed for 5 years. But last year I changed class, and was able to win some self confidance and recover a lot. Now I´m in a new class, and two of the students/class mates were the principal guys who used to make my life a living hell. I´m afraid they´re going to begin to do what they used to. They used to critisise everything I did, and make psicological bullying. I was so damn bad, I didn´t wanted to live and had lots os problems. I used to eat compulsively for 2 years, and then I think I began to be a bullimic(not shuore), cause I used to wake at 8:00am, and only ate at 18:00 or 20:00 pm, and even then, I almost didn´t ate anything. I lost almost 10 kilos with that. (I´m not a fat person, not that I have something against who is, of course)
    Right now I have no idea of how to deal with this situation. Of course now I have some friends, not many, but at least they are (I think) real friends.
    I´m afraid that the past comes to the present.
    I´m just tired of being bullyed and I´m afraid I will loose my mind if they do something.:sad:
    I have no idea of to deal with that, is happens :sad:
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    Hey, I'm sorry no one has replied before now. How are things going? Have they gave you any hassle? I suggest you tell a teacher or a parent your past bullies are in your class, that way they know what's happening and can keep an eye on the situation or prevent anything from happening. :hug:
  3. luso

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    No problem...
    Well, I don´t really know what to say...
    I´ve got three girl friends(good friends I really think so, well at least I trust them »»maybe to much:p :p:p ) in my class right now, and one of the past bullies(he usually acted like an hypocrit, doing everything on my back) wants to "f*ck" one of them(this is my opinion » and I bet I´m right) so he began to say bad things about me so she would think those things are right and he could have an openning to ""atack her""(he thinks I´m a threat I gess). She asked me if what he has been saying to her was true, and of course most of it wans´t(almost everything), so I told her he is a fake person and an hypocrit. (I gess that she is a bit confused about him:p:p ) (this happened today»»I told her he´s a fake person and so on today)
    I don´t really know how to let them know what kind of person he really is because even I can´t explain it see I know he has done bad things, but I don´t know what, I knew, but I can´t remember:sad: (I blocked out many things from my past...from my 13th to my16th "birthday" is almost totally a blank in my brain :sad:
    And they sayed to another guy from my class(which I know is a bully, with many problems in his brain I bet) what they used to call me:eek:hmy:
    I´m know more confident about myself than what I used to be when we were all in the same class and they bullied me(which was 2years ago or less), but I´m really afraid I´ll have a "relapse" and have another depression.
    I suffered from depression ((and had suicidal thoughts)) for 5 years and I was able to recover a bit one year ago.:sad:

    NO!I can´t tell anyone about this...I...just can´t...:sad:
    it needs to be me solving this out...or it won´t stop»really»it would be worse...

    I´m just too confused:mellow:
    Don´t really know what is the best way to solve this out and face them.
  4. luso

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