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    I eat a lot of pasta, primarily because I am skint and its cheap. For the past three weeks or so I haven't had any - not for any special reason, just haven't had any. I had pasta last night and this morning I felt bloaty; I have been starving hungry all day and absolutely exhausted. Now that i think about it, today is the first day in weeks I have been nearly asleep at my desk (this used to be a daily occurance around 2 - 3 in the afternoon. I wonder if the pasta is to blame. And if so, why? (I eat cereal and bread without it causing the same so I doubt it is the wheat).

    Just a musing really to see if anyone has any thoughts.
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    The "carb wall" is a phenomenon in endurance sports- while carb loading before heavy exercise is a common strategy, when the carbs run out you "hit the wall"

    This is explained a little in this post

    Google carbohydrate exhaustion and you can get a lot of info on both how to load with cars for extra energy and the effects on your body when that fast easy energy is gone.
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    You could try wholemeal pasta? It's not as cheap as white but still not expensive if you buy the supermarket own brands.
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    I've eaten pasta today but it's brown pasta and I'm very energetic. I think you should try wholemeal pastas, rice, bread you will be fuller longer. I go to diet class tomorrow morning and there's no way I'd eat white pasta. I had white pasta with chicken breast pieces and tomato, maybe try mixing it up a bit?
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    Pasta is a slow releasing carbohydrate so that's why you get that stodgy and bloaty feeling some time afterwards. Then as Ben says, you hit the "carb wall". Contrary to belief, pasta really isn't as healthy as people think it is. It's a shame because pasta is one of my vices, as is cheese!!!
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    I miss pasta. It's so great, and cheap....but not good for you, especially not good for me. I eat low carb-ish, higher fats, and higher protein. Sometimes, if I do have a small serving of pasta, I get really nauseated and tired. Bleh!!