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  1. Kinghamster

    Kinghamster New Member

    Im a 22 year old guy living in south wales and i feel pathetic. I hate being alive because im single. I have been single since i was 17 and just dont think ill ever find someone who wants me. People have been telling me for years that someone will come along but no one ever has so why should i believe anyone who tells me that. Im so alone all the time and i hate it. I wish it would just all end. i try my best to be nice to girls and have always treated them with respect and like people not objects. I have never cheated on any one becuase im totally against it. I wish someone would come along and just love me for who i am but i know its never going to happen because deep down there is something wrong with me. Im not the best looking guy in the world i know that but everyone always says its personality not looks but it never works out that way. I tried to talk to a girl a couple of days ago and she just laughed in my face and said i was buzzing which really hurt. I feel so pathetic because i should be able to have a happy life without having love in it but i just cant. Nobody knows any of this because i just feel like its a pathetic reason to feel like this.
  2. total eclipse

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    It is so hard when people treat you that way hun Right now it is hard but i did not even have a bf until i was in late 20 then i found someone and married when i was 28 hun You have lots of time so don't think it won't happen Many people find someone later on in life when they have a career or are in college don't give up ok on you hun This dating stuff all takes time
  3. christian-

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    being single is a tough thing to be especially when your young and just want the companionship of another person. i totally understand that as i didnt lose my virginity till i was 23 and im pretty good looking guy : P this might sound weird but the older you get the easier it gets to find connections with women but it gets harder to meet them because guess what... they sit at home when they are single too and mop about being single. what has always helped me when i was in a dry spell was being positive when you meet people, if you smile chances are they will smile too and that alone leaves a good impression. and dont be afraid to talk to people. i used to use internet dating but found that if i just picked an activity i thought was fun, biking, boxing, climbing (especially climbing), that there were always lots of friendly people who knew of or were a single lady. this probably wasnt much help but its only first day here : /
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