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Sa Palomera

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y'all will prolly find it pathetic, but I'm feeeling soo damn sad, cos Dido's father passed away right before christmas. It makes me so damn sad
and also feeling guilty. Here we all were, wishing her a merry Christmas, happy birthday and happy new year and then today we find out her dad passed away right before christmas. and we were all being like "happy new year!" "merry xmas!!!" and "happy birthday!!!!" :(

I was wanting to post anonymously because I feel pathetic for letting this get to me so badly. Y'all will think I'm really obsessed, but I'm not.

but then I realized y'all would realize it was me anyway.


Sa Palomera

Well-Known Member
and I've broken 2 out of my 3 most important new years resolutions. Broke them more than once.

and I just can't talk to anyone and I can't even be bothered to move anymore. ALl I want is laying around chatting with my housemates, waiting to fade away.

I'm even to tired to type this out. dont get it. I'm sorry.
Hun its not pathetic, in fact i would consider it normal. Death is a very hard thing to deal with wether you know the person affected or not. Its not pathetic!! One reason i think it might of hit you like this is because of your mother. Death is a natural part of life. With life must come death, and for their to be death their has to be death. Its perfectly understandable to be upset over someones death that you didn't know personally. Think about it, when Princess Diana was killed, how many people around the world we're upset by it? When the pope died, how many people did that upset? and VERY few people actually didn't know them personally. Its not pathetic.

I know im proberbly not a person you wanna talk to right now but im here if you do need to talk. You know how to get a hold of me.

Love you,

Viks xxx
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