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Sa Palomera

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I know the word doesn't exist, but hereby it does. Even if it doesnt deserve to exist. just like me :laugh:

ain't it pathetic. I stopped hash completely. until my lovely parents decided to send me a letter. Or more like an envelope in which they put the glassmaker's bill which arrived at my parents' address instead of mine. you'd say they put a note with it sayiin hi how are ya or whatever.. but no. NOTHING.

oh well it's what I deserve eh :tongue:

and yes I'm stoned :laugh: can't help it. Everything's funny now. Even the selfdamaging I'm doing lol it looks funny, it is funny and it feels funny.
Oh at least my typing improved. Couldn't even type "me" or "wanker" an hour ago lol

could only make baby sounds apparently :laugh:

oh fuck it . whatever.
Hun, you know you don't need that hash. I really wish you could see that. I hate seeing you using that as a way out. Sorry your parents acted like that. That was pretty out of order.

And yes ya was making baby sounds at me :tongue: hehe sounded so damn cute! haha :laugh:

Loves ya,

Viks x


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Its shameful how youre parents behave, and treat there own daughter. Not even a simple hello. I dont know where there head is at, but there missing out on a very important relationship, which there going to regret.

Stay strong Est, dont let them bring you down. :hug:

Sa Palomera

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I love Riverside

"I’m standing on the edge, about to fall
In the middle of the point of no return
Trying to forget those days I failed to act
I’m not going to back out
I’ve come too far
I can almost see the light
Feel its warmth
And touch the moment I was waiting for so long
I carried all before me
Now the die is cast
With open arms I’m standing out against my past"


and I hate parents. :mad: :mad: wish 'em all away.


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Drugs are bad mmmkay.

But that is ironic you hear from your parents only to send you a bill. I would have laughed as well. Especially if I had not heard from my parents for a while.
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