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patience wearing thin day by day

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I have been working my favourite job for almost 2 months plus.. Favourite job but some of the people in my team didn't like me and keep sabotaging me and want to get me fired by my company. I have been tolerating all these biasness and unfairness for the past 2 months but today, i just completely broke down and i suddenly wanted to kill myself very badly. I just come here to rant and i am not going to approach any people for help any more. I have enough and my patience and tolerance treshold is wearing thin day by day.. I really hoped to die from Option 1): my asthma attack (fatal attack when i am sleeping) - threw away my asthma inhaler just now.. Option 2): i am going to kill myself using my most intent and fatal method..

I really thank you if you can just wish me RIP and i really wanted to die very badly. I don't want medical help or any help anymore. I HAVE ENOUGH!! FUCK!! Now i am crying as i type this fucking post.. DAMN!!
We aren't going to tell you to go and kill yourself or wish you good luck if that's what you are looking for. We are here to help you. Let us help you hun.

I'm really sorry to hear about the cruelness going on at your job. Can you talk to your boss about it?
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