Pavlov's Coward

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    But no solution.
    So, useless.
    So useless.
    Patterns bright
    burning in repetitious circles.
    Blazing in sharp contrast
    against closed eyelids
    as a mind wheels on
    and on and on
    behind them.
    This, true helplessness.
    No bindings at which to gaze
    but held as tightly
    as rope against skin.
    Knees scarred
    from years of being run on.
    Always chasing,
    never chased.
    Always a mile
    when an inch was offered.
    Always the penitent
    but for crimes never committed.
    Crimes committed in a book,
    in books, of law
    never printed,
    read by only the writers,
    and constantly rewritten at will.
    Incessant and wanton.
    Raise your lash.
    Pavlov’s coward will cower
    and bend to its strike
    and beg forgiveness after.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.