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Paxil. Good or bad?


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I was on paxil for about two years. It worked good for me and when I got off it, I weaned slowly and had no problems.
I took it for anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder, I had no counseling with it but it worked as a crutch to help me get thru and help me feel the way i was supposed to.
As with all meds, they work diffferently with different people. I don't mean to scare you but coming off certain meds can be hard but it can be helped as long as you inform your doctor of everything that is going on. Meds can be very helpful and don't sit and wonder about things - ask your doctor about anything. If you look up paxil or any similar med, you will find forums, posts and comments that are pretty much split as to if they help or aren't helpful. Take care. I hope this info helped.


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I was on Paxil for a short time about ten years ago. I didn't take it more than a few weeks and had to get off it because it knocked me out. Literally. I spent two weeks just lying on the floor cause I hadn't the energy to get up and do anything. The sedative part of it was just all wrong for me and really hit me hard. I had a friend who took it and he did just fine. Didn't have that over-sedated-ness like I did. Meds affect everyone differently, just depends on your body chemistry. I've heard of it working well for some, not for me tho. You'd have to be on it for a bit to see how it affects you.

Well, like with most medications.......it works great for some people and does nothing for others, some have side effects and some don't.......but it's worth a try! (everyones bodies are different and not everyones body reacts the same)

Good luck, I really hope it works for you hun!


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