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    I watch the days and nights go by
    At the end of each I scream out why
    What have I become and how did I get this way
    It’s finally time for me to pay

    Pay for all the harm I’ve dealt
    Pay for all the blood I’ve smelt
    Give me back my fucking life
    Or I will be forced to use this knife

    This knife that has haunted me since day one
    Let’s thank someone it wasn’t a gun
    I would rather be 6 feet under
    And leave you all to wonder

    Wonder why I never spoke out
    Wonder why I would always shout
    You will never understand my mind
    You will always be blind

    So fuck you for not caring
    Fuck you for staring
    And not doing anything for me
    I even tried to give you a plea

    A pool of blood slowly starts
    Feels like it’s coming from my heart
    I start to fade and lose all hope
    Could it be the rope?
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