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    One big problem with medication, here in the US at least , is actually being able to afford the medication prescribed. Many, if not most manufactures have program to provide their drugs either free or at very steep discounts to people unable to afford them. I know of several members on here that tried this and it worked for them so thought I would list the proper place to look at the manufacturers programs available- Most do not have applications for assistance online - you need to use "contact us", Email, or call to make application or request an application.





    AstraZeneca .......................... note does not give details on website but does have excellent program use the "contact us" to place an enquiry




    Eli Lilly


    It is free to make the call or email to ask about the programs - and if you are not getting the medications you need due to cost or the cost of the medications are making you go broke it is certainly worth the effort. The manufacturer programs very from country to country.
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    Nicely done. :bubbles:

    I will have to see about getting and publishing a list for all of the Aussies and Kiwi's on the site.
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    Some of the sites have a "select country" on home page - to be honest I was just not sure even what countries prescription costs are not covered in...
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    Most major cities in the US have some type of sliding scale/free/county pharmacy where you can get greatly reduced meds or even for free for those with no/low insurance.

    At one near Omaha, NE I was paying $10 a month for Abilify when I didnt have insurance!
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    Thanks hun for this list it will help so many hugs
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    Great post!
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    If you are located in the Republic of Ireland you many be entitled to a medical card (if you're not working, or need medication on a daily basis or have a long term illness) it is highly likely that you will be accepted. You can apply here Or visit A medical card entitles you to free doctor visits and free medication.
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    I may have to look into this. Meds are still expensive even with insurance.