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  1. Acy

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    I saw this documentary on PBS TV last night.

    It is a wonderfully inspiring documentary about Greenwood School, Putney, Vermont. Greenwood School is dedicated to boys with learning disabilities. The aim of their program is to help them find new learning strategies, and by the end of the school program to demonstrate their achievement by reciting the Gettysburg Address in front of a large audience. Not only do the boys "recite" the address, they understand it - they have "learned" it, through strategies to compensate for their learning disabilities.

    The teachers offer the boys special learning strategies/coping mechanisms/speech therapies, which are focussed on the boys' learning the Gettysburg Address. The skills and insights they learn transcend the one main learning goal and can be applied throughout the rest of their lives.

    Many of the boys had been severely bullied, told they were stupid, misdiagnosed with other problems they DON'T have before they got to Greenwood. The damage to the boys' sense of self and self-esteem is palpable. The documentary followed them in classes that taught them memory techniques, reading and comprehension skills, speech therapy/speaking, pace, articulation skills, ways to cope with frustration, and how to interact well with others, being with therapy dogs. Bit by bit, the boys learned the Gettysburg Address, by breaking it down into understandable and memorable sections that they could say out loud themselves, until they could say the whole address in one.

    The transformation was amazing! The boys' pride and self-esteem grew steadily as they consistently proved to themselves that they can learn, they are smart, worthy, wonderful young people!

    If you get a chance to see this show, it's worth it! :)
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    Thanks for that info Acy. I live in Vermont. I saw something on the news about this school. Will see if I can find it on PBS where I live :hug:
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