Pearls Of Wisdom

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  1. Hi all . :) I will introduce myself with a poem I wrote a few months ago because I am a poet and express myself best in poetry . This poem is precious to me and tells my life story in certain ways . It is of course metaphorical , and my experiences have led me to be a spiritual person so it is spiritual also in nature . I think you will like it even if you are not spiritual . :)

    Okay so here it is . For reference , my pen name is Elijah La Faye .

    Pearls Of Wisdom

    by Elijah La Faye

    Pearls of wisdom come from chambers

    Of torture ; in their shells

    The oysters chosen for harboring truth

    Must burn in little Hells

    * * *

    As fire refines precious metals

    Crafts brilliant jewels from stone

    As glaciers mold the land over ages

    While patiently , the mountains moan

    * * *

    So too must be the agony experienced by sages

    The potter's wheel in motion , uncomfortable to bear

    For living waters do not sit , but roar , through falls and depths , debris

    Until they come to deep blue oceans , sparkling and free

    * * * * *
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    Hello and welcome to SF.. We have a poetry forum here with member's words... Please look around some.. Get any questions let us know..TC, Ji,
  3. youRprecious!

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    Lovely poem Soul - thank you. You will enjoy the Poets Corner here.

    True about the oyster with the irritation that forms the pearl - heard a sermon on that when I was a child - the image has stuck with me through life and I know it is absolutely true :)
  4. total eclipse

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    Hi hun welcome to SF love your poem hugs
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