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How in such suddeness do we feel in better cause? To have such lack of control, such lack of understanding of how we feel, how do we feel that death will be kinder, that death will be understandable.

Death is the biggest what if in the world, yet we tread it lightly and laugh at it. We watch violent movies not worried for the poor soul who just got sent from his body. There is only a few painless ways to go, but pain is but physical and a sign of life, to know what hellish waitings are on the other side is almost too much to bear. If there is a hell, a in between, then the only pain that is logical would be psycological pain.

So why trade sadness with a neverending greater sadness?

Who knows.
This is a good point. And really insightful.

I believe that rather than dwelling on what happens after death, people should accept the fact that it will always be an unanswered question. I've learned that acceptance of the unknown helps me live my life without questioning my existance; without focusing on what's yet to come to the point of forgetting who I am.

I think, what drives some people to take their own lives, is the belief that nothing could be worse than the pain being experienced. Or the desperate need for something different. The need for a way out of the world. I could not say whether, in the minutes before they die, most people consider where they are going next, and what will happen to them.


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I don't really believe in life after death, heaven and hell, limbo...all that stuff. I think all those things are just creations of the human mind to give our lives meaning. It is depressing to think that we will live on this earth for an average life span of 72 years (or whatever it is now) then die and be nothing but a tombstone that will be covered in moss and forgotten about a few decades after we are dead. Not to say I am a complete atheist. While I don't personally believe in and after life, I suppose I don't deny the possibility that there could be one. I was taught to believe there is a heaven and hell and all that.

Sometimes I wonder though if I don't believe there is an afterlife because I want to commit suicide, or if I want to want to commit suicide because I don't believe there is an afterlife. No matter what the reason is that I am not a believer, the thought eternal damnation for killing myself doesn't have an affect on my decision to kill myself. The reason I don't kill myself is that I have a good relationship with my family and don't want to put them through the pain of my death, and the fact that there must be something to life that I just haven't gotten yet. Some reason to live other then the thought of eternal life after death, or maybe one day I hope I will find some faith in such things, but I doubt it.


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We do tread it lightly like a joke, or a silly little thing that has to happen sooner or later. Who I am in death is a testimony to who I am in life. In a strange way I feel that death would be going backwards. like into the mothers womb, either that or straight up my own arse. Maybe its just me thats backwards. Bugs the hell out of me, Im gonna go and play with some lego, ive got a headache:unsure:
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