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Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by an angry woman, Sep 15, 2007.

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  1. I love you! :wub: I'll always love you, no matter what..

    I used to have so many online 'friends'. Especially on here. I used to be close with so many people, and where are they now! I met someone special on here I've been in love with her for half a year, never did my love for her die. Then I made a foolish mistake. I cheated on her. Yes I did. And I WAS sorry for the fact that I cheated on her. I was honest with her. We broke up. 7 hours later her status on a site changed to being in a relationship with someone else. 7 hours later! Meanwhile I get messages saying how much she loves me. That she'll always love me.
    WTF?! How am I supposed to believe that!???

    7 fucking hours! I'm not a fool. You can't fall in love with someone and start dating them within 7 hours. Something must have been going on before that.
    I changed so many of my views just because of her.
    I HATE kids, though I genuinely started thinking about having them because she wants them so badly.
    I NEVER wanted to get married, but she swept me off my feet and I even proposed to her!
    I fucking crossed a very very difficult line sexually, for HER.
    And now 7 hours after we broke up she's with someone else.

    I'm not trying to victimize myself here, cos I'm not the victim. After all I was the one who cheated on her first. Though I'm not so sure of that anymore now. If you get together with someone only 7 hours after you break up with your partner something must have been going on before already, eh.

    and then there's friends. I had so many friends on here. At least I thought so. There were about 5 or 6 people I was really close with, we'd talk every day. I was told I am loved. I was told we're good friends. I was told so many things and look at me now. There's ONE person from this site whom I can still call a close friend, whom I still talk to a lot. ONE person. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate people here. I honestly don't. I'm just angry with some people who told me so much bullshit and couldn't be bothered to actually stick to their words after I left the site. I still consider some people here mates, but more towards the acquaintence type of friend than actually a close friend.
    So if you think you have some GOOD friends on this site... THINK AGAIN. It's not about friendships on here. It's about having people to lean on. And then telling them you love them and how close your friendship is... BULLSHIT. FUCKING BULLSHIT!

    It's about leaning on people or having people lean on you, then telling them you :wub: them and that you guys are great friends, and then when they leave, not bother to talk to them anymore, cos after all they don't come on here anymore, they aren't part of the "lean on each other community" anymore so why bother talking to them, why bother actually still caring for them?
    Thank you for making me realize that.

    And Thank You, one friend whom I still am friends with, for still being my friend and for still caring and for still having fun talks with me. Thank you for NOT putting that bullshit on me.
    :wub: for you!

    And all others..... I hope you find happiness or whatever you want.
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    I still care about you, friends and stuff, I realize we hardly ever talk anymore, and it's partially my fault, but should make the effort to keep in touch too.. :unsure:
    Still here anytime you need to talk..Stay safe, and take care.
  4. I realize friendships aren't one-sided. I really do know that. And I'm sorry if I offended anyone with that post. I tend to get carried away a bit once I'm in a rant.
    But I did try to stay in touch with people in the beginning. When I first left the site I still tried talking to people every day, but once you realize it's always you who initiates contact, you get sick of doing so and give up. Which is what I did.

    You know. I'm glad I'm off this site. Really I am.
    SF is a good site for people, as long as you don't get close to anyone or involved and all that.
    It can really be helpful, it can even save lifes. But I'm glad I'm off it. If you get too close and start caring about people, if you start making 'friends', it only brings you further and further down.
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    Friends are fine, it's dependants you need to dodge. There's those that like you for you, and those that like to use you for a crutch even when you're the one in need of some support.
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    i respect your opinion, and i'm sorry we don't talk so much anymore.

    but i get carried away a bit myself, and i feel like if i don't say this you're bound to continue on thinking no one cares and you've been abandoned and all that.

    and not cool. people ARE there for you. i've always been there for you. we offer to be there constantly. we're supportive, regardless of with what it is you come at us. or, at least i am, i can only speak for myself. you're frequently in a crisis and sometimes i am unable to handle that. for that reason, i don't msn you unless i feel i am capable of giving advice or hearing your rants.

    we aren't the only ones with the ":wub: you forever", hypocritical mentality. you've been great, i will admit. you've gotten things out of me that many others haven't, and you've been the supportive shoulder that i often need. i thank you for that. i would never be so audacious as to say that you were some type of pseudo-friend. it's not just some "lean on but only when you're a frequenter of SF" type of thing. it's a "for as long as i can i will support you" type of thing. THAT'S what friendship is.

    drop off if you want to. tell yourself that no one cares. but you'd be lying to yourself. i've given you much of my time and energy and am always well-willing to give it you. i would NOT be if i didn't give a fuck.

    genuinely sorry about the break up, and every other situation you're in. i've told you what i think about it. it's a hard time you're having... understandably hard. i empathize with the immense amount of pain you feel from your circumstances. it isn't as if you haven't lost enough already, and to lose the one you love? i'm sorry for that. i'm sorry you're dealing with that. i sincerely don't want you to have to endure that.

    i wish you the best, and i hope you can get some peace. you're coping (or trying to cope) with a lot, and if i could make it better, i would. i care. i do.

    but it isn't fair that i care so much and you dismiss our once-thought friendship as some false endeavor.

    i realize you aren't doing well, and i would generally acknowledge that and reply with simply a ":hug:" and go on about my business. but this isn't the first time you've posted such. it doesn't help anyone's self-opinion any.

    i haven't been doing well, and this doesn't help it. i don't want your appreciation, necessarily. you aren't in debt to me and i'm sure i've made that clear. you don't even have to care about me. but to do flat-out discard my weeks of advice as if i did nothing to help you?

    some thanks.

    regardless, take care. you have shit to live for, even if you don't think so.

    i hope your issues subside and things become bearable on your end.
  7. calmed down.

    calmed down. Guest

    You know. I think I know who you are.. and you know what... You are right. And I am right.
    I think we're both right. I genuinely want to thank you for posting that.

    I should've been a bit more careful with the way I put things in those posts, I never meant to offend anyone... And I was wrong where I said there's only ONE person who's still there and all that..


    I really am sorry for everything I've put people on this site through with my frequent crisis-situations the last 7 or so months. And also for my anger fits and all that stuff. I really am sorry for that. And I realize I've been a hypocrite (but then again, most people on this site are as people are suicidal and then tell others that there's so much to live for. I'm guilty of that too. In all fairness, most people on here are).
    You are right with what you say, but so am I. as there really ARE some 'arseholes' on here. or "users" or whatever we'd call them. I have probably done my fair bit of 'using' some people too.

    Again thank you for posting what you did. And I know you care. I honestly do realize that.
    Thank you. And I'm sorry for causing confusion, fuss, hurt, or any other negative thing. I'm glad for having made people smile too though.
  8. someone0

    someone0 Guest

    thank you for understanding.

    i don't know... i care about you, hun. :hug:

    sorry if that post came off as rude... but i really do care :dunno:

    try and be safe. you know i'm still here...
  9. calmed down.

    calmed down. Guest

    Don't worry about it :hug:

    I know you care and that post was exactly what I needed. Thank you for telling me the truth. It's nice to have a mirror held up in front of me. People need that sometimes. Thank you.
  10. MiaMe

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  11. Marshmallow

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    I know i'm one of the people that you've lost contact with. Yes there was a time where me and you we're very close and at a time i was practically the ONLY person that you would open up to. We have talked off and on and i think both of us realise that the friendship will never be as close as it once was. It was too stressful for both of us (you know the bad times we went through) but i am truely sorry that this happened. It hurts' I for one know. I'm here if you ever need to talk.

    Take care.

  12. danni

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    Hun you know i'm always here for you anytime, no matter what and i hope you have fun on ur vaction :hug: can't wait to speak to you soon hun :hug:
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