People Are Like Cars On A Busy Street

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    Random Thoughts on people and relationships.

    If you have lived long enough, maybe have had enough life experiences and even not, you know that people come and go out of our lives.

    It's amazing really, when you stop and think about all the friends, coworkers, associates, team members, bandmates, girlfriend/boyfriends, family members, aquaintances etc that come and go.

    I think back to the friendships I had in grade school, or even high school or college. Those guys were the very best of friends a person could ever hope to have, and they are gone. I think back to the days in my professional rock band. One of the bandmates was my best man at my wedding.

    People pass each other and drift in and out of each others lives like cars on a busy street, passing each other on their journey's.

    I read somewhere, years ago, that a person will meet at least 100 people that could be their spouse.

    We invest so much into our friendships. We give all we can give, we love all we can love, and then one day they are gone.

    Perhaps suddenly, such as a death, or divorce. Other times, the people we cared about just drift away. Driving away from us, going in the opposite direction as we head down our seperate roads.

    All of this has left me with terrible mixed feelings whenever I meet somebody new. I enjoy the moment of meeting a new person. I enjoy that moment in time when we become friends. For example, the people I have met at my apartment building, the new landlord, my neighbors are all great people.

    Yet even though I enjoy those moments, I also approach them with a sense of dread. Knowing that at some point, those people will be gone too.

    Perhaps I attached myself too easily in the past. Perhaps even though I long for, dare I say, ache for an attachment to a person to love, that in the end, I am afraid of that emotional inevitable letdown that comes when that person is no longer there.

    As I type this, sitting here at my desk, at work, I glanced over and stared at the empty cubicle on the other side of the hallway. One of my friends/coworkers used to work there. He was terminated some months back. ....Sigh.

    And that's just one person. One single grain of sand in the vastness that is humanity.

    Perhaps too, it maybe that I long for the types of friendships I had when I was kid.

    At the end of the movie, Stand By Me, the writer types something like; I never have had friends in the rest of my life like I had when I was twelve. God, does anyone?
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    People don't want you unless you can offer them something.
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    Pretty much. However, I like to think that there are at least a few people out there that are better than that.
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    You 2 apparently missed the entire point of this thread.