people can be so mean...

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    I am so tired of getting screwed over by people...
    I know that some resposibility lies with me and the person that I am...I don't know how not to be nice or respectful to everyone...I don't know how not to be kind to everyone...I am a doormat and I don't know how not to be because I've been this way my entire life.

    I love people but I am getting so tired of being stepped on and having my trust and heart broken.

    I attempted suicide back in July and ever since then I have been trying so hard to find my way in this world and I just can't find it...I wake up almost everyday an empty hollow shell...I am trying but I just don't want this life anymore...People are so damn mean and nasty.. the world is such a harsh place to be and it hurts my heart so much not only to see all of this but to have to feel it as well....I'm just tired of all of it...

    Just giving up fills my thoughts almost all the time...I simply exist...and I hate it because I remember how happy I was when I couldn't see how the world/people really are...what I wouldn't give to be that naive again...

    I wish I knew how to find genuine happiness again because I surely miss it....

    I know about meds and psych help but once you come to a true suicidal attempt...Is it possible to ever be 100% whole again or will those thoughts always haunt you?

    I just want the hurt and pain to go away....I don't want to be so hyper-sensitive to others and feel pain that isn't even mine...I'm tired I can't figure why I was made the way I am...ugh!!!
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    Coming back from a suicide attempt is a long and often awkward process. However, the good news is that many people can get on with their lives. I mean we've experienced the darkest, most abysmal state of humanity. It's no small thing to come back from the edge. And people who don't know or understand what that pain and loneliness is like are often jerks.

    But You can make a full recovery. And more importantly other people have made a recovery and are more than happy to share their experiences and give advice on rising above challenges.

    The hollow ennui that comes after an attempt is annoying.

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    Edit* Was just a repeat post.
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    Your not in the wrong, there is nothing wrong with you. It's the people who you have met and who have been mean to you who are wrong. You haven't done anything wrong to them and yet they treat you like a doormat. Unfortunately this is how human beings are in today's world according to other people's experiences, etc.
    There are good, genuine people out there. Don't give up, cuz if you do then you won't have a chance to meet them.
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    Hi Truly,

    I empathise with your pain. Sometimes it's very difficult to break the social rules we have, even when people are treating us badly. I haven't figured it out yet.

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    Hi Sweet,
    I especially found your thread to be one that I could have written myself. I also have been treated like that because I would always have my arms outstretched in order to help others. People have walked all over me my entire life and yet I still reach out trying to care. People like you and me wear our hearts on our sleeve and the mean people always knock it off and trample it in to the dirt. You can get help thru therapy to learn how to keep this from happening so often. Myself I am old and have chosen a life of isolation instead. No one can hurt me in my own little world that I have created for myself. I don't recommend it for you because it is no easy life not having human contact. This forum has become my lifeline. There are so many caring and genuine people here. I'm sure you will do well with the forum and find support in the other members.Take Care!!~Joseph~