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people dont really care

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People dont really care, unless you benefit them some way.

When people jump off buildings the only reason the police come is because they dont want to pick up the mess.

People like to threaten other people force their opinions on others. Your not in command of whats right and wrong, fuck you, you dont scare me.

Im going to kill myself. I have no one to talk to im alone all the time .


maybe the vast majority dont seam to care, but I wouldnt label all of humanity with this... sometimes it is hard to step aside from our own convictions and see the pain or point of view of another, especially when we see the other person as having done something we consider terribly wrong...
You may feel alone in the physical sense, but you are not alone, I would say the biggest reason I come to SF is a feelin of connection with other like minded people, just wish I had enough in me to read every post that ever happens...
I hope that you find the peace I see you desire.


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Actually, the police come so that you don't land on anyone, and it's against the law to kill yourself. Still pretty selfish I guess.
But not everyone is selfish, and maybe if they are helping you to gain something themselves, at least your both getting something out of it. I like to try and help people because it makes me feel like i'm doing some good so I suppose that is selfish. If there is nothing in something for you at all, does being human make you still want to do it, I think not.
Talk to us zohmygod!

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I know alot of people turn a blind eye, or ear. People will show care as long as its convenient. Everything comes with a strong attached.
Actually part of what you said is infact true. There are some people out there that don't want anything to do with you unless you benifit them. But not all people are users and not all people are assholes. And there is no way in this world that "no one" cares, because I care, I may not really know you well but never the less I still care what happens to you. I am sorry you feel so alone, I understand how that is. I very rarely leave my apt or talk to people anymore.. I want you to know I am here for you, if you'd like me as a friend that is. Do you have MSN? Cuz we can talk on thee if you'd like. I'd rather enjoy talking with you. I hopew you don't go thru with this.. I hope you pull through, I really do. Please, hang in there. :( :hug:

My MSN is below if you'd like to add me. :)



Zohmygob, I've felt like you before and I suppose I still share your feelings.

I think with any relationship or friendship it is a two way thing; that each person will be benefiting from the other. And there is nothing wrong in that- everyone has their own personal needs. These needs don't necessarily have to be branded "selfish", it's the way people just go on to survive.

However, when you're feeling suicidal and awful it does seem that you won't be benefiting anyone in your pain. I want to assure you that there are people who are willing to listen and care for you, people who can see that you are hurting and are willing to help you pull through this. Perhaps they get a boost from helping you, or maybe they are in a caring job that involves helping others.

There are people who will help you feel less alone. These people could be counsellors or if not counsellors, friends, who have the resources to cope.

You can talk to us here. :hug:
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