People drive me crazy

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    Like most people my job requires me to work with the public. Unfortunately, lately people are really getting on my head and driving me batty. It is getting to the point that I want to stop doing what I do because as cool as it is, these loonies make it so awful.

    We have people telling us that it is our fault that they didn't administer things right or get them refilled because we didn't call them.

    We have people calling and telling us they are not coming back because they saw one of us out in public being rude and not tipping waitstaff enough. Say, what?!

    I have people changing dosages or stopping treatment because they think it was enough and then getting mad when the problem returns.

    People complain about prices - such as the foods are too expensive - but when I go to the pet stores (or grocery stores) the foods are priced about the same.

    I have people screaming at me because they think it took too long to get something done or for having to wait their turn when they show up unannounced.

    I have people getting mad when I won't refill things that they say never worked in the first place or for a problem that happened over a year ago.

    And my favorite was the lady call me and go completely mental on me before ending the conversation telling me I was going to hell because Karma is a bitch.

    Now, forgive me for noticing that I am either going to hell or Karma is a bitch cause I'm pretty sure the two are mutually exclusive.

    I realize I am focusing on the negatives here. I realize that the economy sucks. I realize people are worried and strapped for cash at times. However, I did not cause the problem. I am doing the best that I can. I am giving more of me than they are actually paying for and I always make sure I give everyone my full attention and try my best to never seem rushed or in a hurry - even if I have a million balls in the air. And lastly, I never beat them up about how bad their behavior is, how neglectful they have been, or rub their face in it when they ask me if they had come in sooner would we have been able to save them - cause even though the answer is YES YES YES most of the time - what good does that do? They already know they should have brought them in sooner. My berating them about it serves no purpose except to rub salt in a wound.

    Ok rant over.
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    it's how the human race seems to be, everyone thinking their own opinion is the right one, and that they are the centre around which everything else has to fit in to their expectations. And feeling entitled to blow a gasket when they don't. There's something very not right about us, eh?
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    Such jobs are seen as verbal punching bags and stress relief. Dare to talk back to the customer? ''I want to speak to your manager.'' Nothing to do but to bite the bullet and act coldly professional. That's how you ''win'' that kind of standoff, by showing superior restraint and professionalism compared to the yelling red-faced moron talking to you.
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    Go here and laugh and know you are not alone. The general public is enough to drive any one insane.
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    The hypocrisy of society is enough to make me want to tell them to go fuck themselves.