People i wish would die

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    Jon's mum
    Jons Dad,
    Social Services

    I think of how great these people have it and how much pain they cause, it makes me sick when i see how many unhappy people i see here and how great lives they have but do not even know it.
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    :hug: whats going on hun, maybe talk it out and we can help you hun :hug:
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    i wish i could. my story is very long and very hard to fully believe. its very hard to take in.
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    take a chance what does it really matter how much we believe
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    hold on
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    This is my story from my Blog which i post updates on.

    I am so fed up right now and I feel that I have nothing left to give. I do not know what to do anymore and even though I never wanted to make this post on here I do not see anymore need in keeping it to a select few.

    My life is ruined. Everything I had and have is gone. My life is stripped bare and none of it is my fault, and I have no control of it.

    I have been accused of doing something to a child (Not rape) and it was meant to have happened to my step-daughter.

    Since then I have had to move to my mums house, had bail conditions so I can no longer see my children and can not see my partner.

    It was meant to have happened in her Bed which i have slept in a number of times (When she has been at her dads house) when me and my partner fight or when i stay up late and do not wish to wake her in her pregnant state. Of course they will find my DNA in it. And of course they may find more things on the bed. It does not mean anything. I lived in a 2 bed house…. DNA is everywhere.

    My partner was about to have my child in 6 weeks at the time and today went into labor. I turned up as on my bail it stated could be there. But it never went all the way (4cm dilated) and they sent her home. I now have been told i have broken my bail as the baby was not born.
    Baby is now born and I was not there. I was not told my the mothers family.

    Social Services turned up after I left and have told my partner they could take the child from her if i am at the birth as it would be putting the child at risk me being around it. They also said i could be adopted.

    So now I can no longer be at the birth which should happen in the next 48hs.

    I will not be able to see my daughter. I have NOT been charged with this and my bail return date is Jan 4th. By this time i will have missed my 4 yr olds daughters birthday and Christmas.

    I think I could be arrested at anytime now for breaching my bail.

    I have nothing left. I have been strong and thought i’d be able to fight. I even know why this happened… But its not the case anymore its the way SS have been. They have taken something I can never get back… My daughters birth.

    I do not know what to do. I feel I can no longer keep going with this on my back.

    I know people will judge me. I know this and except that. I know that people always have doubt which is normal… But i would never hurt a child or do anything bad in anyway to a child.

    I miss my children so much, i miss my partner SOOO much! I have no one to talk to and the police have told all my friends not to contact me as they could be arrested for it as they also know my partner.

    I am now sat here thinking my baby daughter is about to be born and I am not invited. Ill never see her as a new born baby… Ill not be able to cut the cord, ill never get that time back.

    I want SS to pay for this but I am powerless. They can do what they like. I feel so bad for my partner and what she is going through! She has been told that she could have the child removed from her if I am around the child and she has also been told that her 4yr old might not see her anymore as she has seen me.

    The person who did this to me is my partners ex’s mother (From what i can tell) since this started she has been trying to get them back with each other, she had the step-child at the time it happened, since the police interview with the child I have been told her story has changed so much now.

    You guys have been great, I have loved being a part of this group and loved working with the people I have. I’d love to thank Jolly, Mike and Beth Cox, Monty and Oliver the most as they have helped me so much! I’d also like to thank Matt for creating F4J and also for the help he has given me.

    I pray none of this will happen to any of you. It is the worst thing that can happen to a man/women. You are not innocent till proven guilty but Guilty and that is it.

    The police hound you and take away every friend, family member and every place you live from you. I am no longer aloud to go to my home town, see my partner or talk to friends. This is what the police do, it is to break you…. and it works, i am broken.

    SS threaten your partner, ex-partners children and say if they contact you they will take your/their children away and even take them away forever as they have said with my unborn child.

    SO not only do you get all of this but your family get it too. My partner has been turned into a wreck my SS and I blame them for anything that happens to her. My family are a mess too. My mother is a wreck and I am unable to talk to her about this as it makes her worse. I have no friends around where she lives so am nable to talk to anyone here… I guess the only people I have have been the F4J members and a new groups I have joined (PAFAA and SOFAP). Of course these are people mostly online so its been hard. Without any friends who I have known being able to meet me as the police have taken them away its been close to impossible to cope, but most of all them taking my partner just as she needs me most. She has been my rock, and best friend but now she has no one and has to cope on her own and with a family who dod not fully support her.

    Sorry to drag on… ill end now.

    Thanks a lot guys, keep up the GREAT work! Change the law! You need too!

    Ill see you sometime maybe,


    03 November
    My daughter was born today. Posts about it are here: Link 1 Link 2 Link 3

    06 November
    I had a interview on the 5th of November. I would not say it wen’t well but I never got charged which I was told would happen so I was in shock leaving the station. I found out I was being arrested again for something new. I am not sure of the exact wording but it is to do with my ex’s sister. it is something I expected from my ex but I was in a bit of shock with what was said.

    the interview I found very hard to deal with as they kept asking the same questions time and time again. It really got to me as I had answered them but just not how they would like me too…. That is all I can do is answer the truth which I guess they were not happy with.

    I also found out some more info on DNA which ill go into another time when I feel ready for it. But it was a bit of a shock as I can not explain it and it still baffles me. But ill explain this another time if I get the chance.