People like me... I wrote this some time back

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    People like me

    PLM: Park elsewhere when there is limited space for others, and walk in the dark, back to my car.

    PLM: Donate to the NSPCC and RSPCA every month

    PLM: Volunteer my time for others

    PLM: Don’t have many friends because I won’t follow the crowd

    PLM: Listen to Mozart, Chopin and Tchaikovsky at age 27

    PLM: Have put my children in cloth nappies, and breastfed until age two in line with the WHO

    PLM: Have my doors open all hours for those in need of support and friendship

    PLM: Are very receptive, sensitive and analytical – in search of a better understanding of others and our world/environment

    PLM: Would go to the ends of the earth to help a stranger – putting myself last

    PLM: Forgive those who have taken advantage of my kind nature

    PLM: Take myself and children to church – despite other’s using this as a weapon that I am mad

    PLM: Appear ‘abnormal’ in other’s eyes

    PLM: Have never let my children cry themselves to sleep, or let them sleep in a cot (behind bars) at night

    PLM: See other’s around me in destructive relationships, which have an emotional impact on their children – and I wonder where my faults lie…

    But, it’s PLM who have their children reported to Social Services, when I’ve done nothing wrong but to love and nurture them

    People like me; there are many people like me – but no-one quite the same!
    God bless you all – by the way define ‘normal’…
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.