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People never change.

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They never change, no matter how hard you choose to believe it. There are some people in this world, that will always haunt you till the very end.

Today I decided to retake my old meds again, that have been tucked away since I saw no use for them till now. Probably a bad idea, seeing how I don't have a doctor to consult to. Yet, in my head I really don't care. The way I see it is this, if you have nothing left to lose, then you can do whatever you want in the world. As long as it affects you and you only, you can freely do as you please, even if it means your own death.
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Indeed, people never change. You can choose to behave differently but deep down you are still the same person, and you can't pretend for so long. Eventually time will tell.
you are completely right people never change and they will always continue to hurt us and let us down which is one of the reasons i dont believe in giving people second chances.


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They may never change, but you can change. You can choose to respond differently to the same kind of behaviours. You can move on with life and a different kind of girl may come into your life and get your attention…

You are so young. You deserve a lot more time to see a lot more in life. Of course, you always have your free will…
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