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    I hate it when people just ignore me when I'm feeling, I'm not an attention whore, and I do realize that people have their own lives and not everything should revolve around me, but damn! I just can't help but feel really neglected sometimes by others....there's this site I go on to rp, and I'm also a staff member on there. The admins, well they're always banging on about how it's like a "family" and everyone looks out for one another, but whenever I need to chat or vent or w/e, I just get the cold shoulder...I might as well piss into the wind cause it isn't as though anyone gives a f*ck about me on there tbh. I'm only any good when they want me to write up a segment or something for results, but other than that, I just get completely ignored and shunned by the other members. No one but 2 people want to rp with me (those 2 being my gf and our friend)

    I honestly think that if I just upped and left that site, no one would really give a f*ck. I'll get the occasional "emo" joke, and yeah, I know it's just a joke, but it doesn't f*cking help! Besides, I hate the term "emo", it seems that anyone who's depressed these days is immediately associated with that label.

    It's not just the one site either, it's other sites I visit, I tend to get shunned by a lot of the members. Just seems to be this thing about me where ppl want to avoid me.

    A lot of this makes me sound needy and obsessive, but I'm not, I'd just like someone to talk to and not use me and just f*ck off when I want to talk to them or w/e

    I'll shut up now.....
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    I know how you feel when it comes to feeling basically invisible when you need to talk at times. I tend not to scream I need to talk when I'm hurting, I just kind of let it fester inside.

    For the people on that site, it seems they are up their own ass about things and don't care whether someone's hurt or not. I think you should talk to them about things. If you don't want to do that distance yourself from the site for like a week and see if people contact you for something other than needing something done.

    I'm sorry you are feeling the way you are. :hug: my pm box is always open and I will respond as soon as I can.

    Take care
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    Thanks Kanani, I'm thinking of distancing myself from the site for a while....see if they take a hint and all...