People that deserve to get their heads smashed in

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    I guess you cant really let it ALL out here.
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    Sorry, but why have you posted this here?

    Is there really a point to this thread?
  3. dropmealine

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    Maybe i am the point. it seems that I deserve to get my head smashed in. For the way i have been behaving over the last 2 or 3 months.

    My actions, when I look back on them, are nothing that i would ever want to do, or at least they are not the actions of the person i think i am now. i was perhaps, and maybe still am, suffering from insomnia. Maybe I am sobering up now on sleep and am realizing what has happenned.

    I am afraid now, that leaving my house now, people are going to be thinking that the guy who was so terrible is really me, and i don't think it really is. I don't know how to take the edge off. Will time heal this in me? Will people forever thm crazy? I don't even know anymore if i am getting a good night's sleep. Is that even the problem? Is there a way for me to find out? so there's a whole bunch i just let out
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  4. Abacus21

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    You don't deserve to die at all :) :hug:
  5. dropmealine

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    maybe not die, but I think, and maybe am afraid there are a few people ut there who may want to mess me up.
  6. painsource

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    I am not going to delete the thread.

    Please don't insult other members - I was merely questioning why you posted it in the Suicide Forum, but seeing as it's now been moved, there is no problem.
  8. painsource

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    1)People that dont say thank you when you hold a door open for them.2)People that stare 3)People that let their dogs bark all day because of neglect 4)People that honk their car horn 400 times instead of going up to the door 5)People that talk really loud in public places on cell phones.Please add to my list!
  9. xan

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    To be honest I think i'd take all those people off the list, to say that they all desever to have their heads smashed in is to say that you think you are perfect. We can all do some of those things and it's easy to make mistakes, what if the person didn't say thank you because the last person hadn't to them and they were feeling spiteful, or they're mute, or foreign, or just having a hell of a day and are about to go end their life? We don't know everyone and their stories, to smash someones head in they'd either have to be seriously trying to hurt me or someone i cared for, that or i knew them well. I only could add a few specific people to the list, one is a person who's made my life hell and haunts my dreams the next would have to be my ex's new boyfriend although thats only a temporary feeling i guess. One class i would probably add though would have to be people who are overly rude, like when you ask if a girls ok and the guy who got her drunk tells you to fuck off and shoos you away... seriously i was so close to demonstrating how a blow could temporary blind him long enough for me to make him piss blood tomorrow... but then i guess i can just get overly angry especially where i see someone being taking advantage of, so i shouldn't judge cos i'm not really perfect either.
  10. helena

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    :smile: you are a very sensible, reasonable person, and the overly anger has a good underground, but also good you have it in control:smile:
    Take care
  11. People that let their sons and daughters run riot in public places (especially restaurants). They usually have the arrogant `they don`t bother me so they shouldnt bother you mentality` and are enough to ruin an otherwise perfectly enjoyable meal.
    Take responsibility for your damn kids, please.
  12. I'll tell you right now that I don't care if I sound reasonable to any fellow posters. I cannot stand rude, selfish behaviour. It has nothing to do with a sense of my own superiority ( and how the hell would you know what my motives are anyway ? )

    I am sick of observing crude people every day. I am sick of hearing stories of murder and animal cruelty, of political corruption, of religious sex perverts protected by the church, of gangs, of road rage, of elder abuse, etc.

    All humans are predators, plain and simple.

    Don't believe me ? Then why do you lock your doors at night ? Why do you tell children that it's not good to talk to strangers ? Why are there police officers stationed at public schools ? Why do people install metal bars on their windows ? Why do we always need to increase the number of police on the streets ? Why are security cameras being installed in more and more buildings ? Why can't you just board an airplane without walking through a metal detector and having your luggage x-rayed ? etc, etc,....
  13. theleastofthese

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    I feel much the same way, but I still believe - as Anne Frank said - "that people are basically good at heart". Sometimes it takes a bit of wading thru the muck to find the goodness, but it's there, indeed it's there. I see it every day. And the best remedy for all the world's madness is to be one of the good people yourself! Do random acts of kindness every chance you get. Be one of the "good guys". Be the person you want others to be - someone may well be watching you and follow your example.:smile:

    The world may be a bad and hateful place but it is, nonetheless, populated with lots and lots of really good people - they're just not always obvious, as bad news gets all the publicity and good news mostly gets ignored. Don't give up hope, please, there are lots of good folks around - some may be your neighbors and you just don't know it.:smile:

    least, always hopeful!!:smile:
  14. xan

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    Thanks... although at the present moment I'm in a very vindictive mood towards a certain person and feel like taking it out on someone, problem is the only guilty people to do that to are hundreds of miles away and the innocent aren't a great target... might just go psyco in my grading on saturday...
  15. Good people, bad between people. To me, looking past all the bad people to find the few good ones is like searching for a lost dollar bill in a field full of land's not worth the risks.