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    Makes me so depressed and at the same time angry when i meet people that i really connect with that i could love to be friends with in real life but i meet them online and they live so far away. it makes me so frusterated that i cant take care of them that i cant see them and i cant protect them. Makes me want to scream, in recent news a girl killed herself because of bullies, that if that happens to one of my online friends? i wont be there to comfort them, i cant hold them and tell them itll be alright. all i can do is type to them and when they have had enough they can just sign off and be gone like the wind. its the same thing with me when im upset i can just log off and go do the usual things that hurt. i wish i could see those of you that i care about that i talk too on games, SF, or other people i meet online. Its so frusterating but maybe someday me and one of you will be brought together.
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    Unfortunetly the internet creates that barrier, and we can't help them beyond words on a screen. We also don't usually know the whole story. We may know what someone tells us, but we don't always know to what extent something happens, be it better or worse. We cannot control others actions fortunately or not. What we need to remember is all we can do is our best. We cannot force someone to live and so we need to remember we should try not to blame ourselves.

    I believe things happen the way they do for a reason. And in every instance we did our best within our limited means, being who we are. And that is really all we can do.

    I really wish I could be around some of my friends whom I have talked to for years and comfort them as well.. Maybe one day I can.