People trying to pass your illness off as something else completely normal

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    Do you ever find that close family members and/or friends try and pass off the disorders you have on something else?
    I am bipolar, and after thinking I was bipolar for a while I went to my doctor who also said she thought she was very certain I had the disorder.
    I didnt tell my mother for a while and then I had a bit of a crisis once and told her. I thought she'd understand because she's had depression in the past, but she pretends that that conversation never happened. It's like with my suicide attempt a couple of years ago, whenever the subject is brought up she always changes the conversation and will only refer to it when she has to as 'the time you did that silly thing'.
    When I get into a depressive episode, I get to the point where I can't move and I can't barely do anything except lie down. Whenever I get a depressive episode my mother's always like 'Oh grow up, pull yourself together and go outside and be normal like everything else'. She often blames my depressive moods on pmt. Ive known her blame two whole months of depression on pmt before. Its so annoying because I cant do anything, I cant 'pull myself together' and Im not sure what to do. If I say 'Actually, its because Im bipolar' then I know shell shoot me down with something like'Oh whatever, you're not bipolar'.
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    Yes I understand it is because they do not understand an illness in the head they cannot relate to unless they have suffered it, the best thing you can do is look up some sites online to show them and help them understand that is what I did.
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    I dont think my mum wants to believe that there is anything wrong