People who behave without concience or compassion.

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    Its been often for me a neighbor problem. All my life I have lived in middle class to low housing and a
    great amount of times the neighbors where horrific. I am not someone who nitpics on these things, if we live next to one and other we have to be tolerant to what others do, to a degree.

    I have lived next to neighbors who behaved asocially in an extreme way now for so long and so often that I get anxiety attacks from it. I do reasonably well overall, but when that happens, something just snaps.Its loud music, loud tools, and this then repeatedly, whenever they feel like it.

    What I find the creepiest of all of this that so far, in total this have been around 10 people. In the place where I live now, it rotates quite often as its not a place where people stay long, as its quite small and not the best neighborhood. And because of this I start to wonder, is this what there is, is this how people are, selfish, not caring, narcisistic, without compassion ? What is wrong with people ? What have we become that we grew so incredibly heartless and cold that we only care about our own selfish needs.

    At moments like this I do not see a reason to go on anymore, as when it gets this loud I can't even think or do anything, as my focus is completley off. My life this way seems pointless, the things I want to do have to come to a halt and it has been disrupting my life for 5 years now.
    All I can do is wait till ist over and then vent it out somewhow.
    If I dont do this I will loose it completely. I actually am reaching a tipping point where I just want peace.
    Away from the cruelty of man. Away of the ignorance and stupidity, away from the soulless.
    I just want to live in peace, with nice neighbors, I don't think thats too much to ask.

    Please release me from this suffering.
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