People who "gang-up" on others..

Discussion in 'Bullying and Violence' started by downmage, Mar 20, 2007.

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    This is just me blowing off some steam. My personal opinion of those people who "gang up" on others is that these people are basically weak & cowardly people. This doesn't have to be a physical confrontation either..people who don't like you can very much make up lies about you and tell their friends..who in turn, tell there friends which can turn into a snowball of lies against you. And, people enjoy doing that kinda shit to you..these people don't believe in any kind of " karma " or " what comes around goes around " they got no problem in doing that kind of thing to someone.

    Like here in America, we've got no business being the world's police force. Those people in the middle-east are no threat to us. Were only over there to take control of their oil and nature resources. Our " miliarty " is just like a gang. How are we different? Our government made up a bunch of lies about Iraq having WMD's and them having some connection to 9/11..and when the smoke has cleared..what remains? Bullshit and lies is what remains.

    I think people who are in a " gang " are looking for some kind of idenity they can cling to. People feel good about themselves when they feel that they has some kind of common cause they relate to even if that common cause is based on lies and half truths.

    I was reading about this muslim guy who tried to " blow himself up " in a marketplace in Iraq, but the bomb didn't go off and he was captured and when the media asked him why he was going to blow himself up and kill innocent people his answer to them was " They killed my friend " this dude was looking for a little revenge. And on and on it goes..isn't that's what's going on with the street gangs and govt lead armies? Sure it is.

    I ignore those that lie about me. What else can I do? If I do go " after " someone..aren't I doing the same as the suicide bomber in the marketplace? Continuing the cycle of violence. I believe this is an attraction based Universe ( quantum thinking ) and you get whatever you think about. I believe that a thousand people who are believing the same lie cannot touch one person who knows the truth about a matter.

    That's enough for now..

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    If this was a true/false test...I'd answer TRUE. :biggrin:
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