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    You know, people are just so annoying. I can't stand them. I live with a....stoner/frat guy/meathead/drunk. He's so f*ck*ng annoying. All he talks about is his fraternity. "We do this...and that...and we're having a party at so and so's house." "I got so drunk and passed out." "I'm not getting any from these girls, I get the fat ones." I so just want to say, "STFU." God, is this what frat guys talk about all the time. I don't care if he has parties and stuff. I don't go out, I lack in the social department. Going to parties and getting drunk just don't appeal to me. In fact, I laugh at those people. Insecure pricks...only way to have fun is to get drunk and "mack" on chicks. Even worse, I was waiting for the bus the other day, and these two sorority girls were sitting next to me. All they were talking about is who's "hot" and who's not and how they're so busy with their parties. I'm thinking to myself, who the hell thinks that a party is an obligation. I was just leaving the library since I had a midterm the next day. These girls think they're busy because of a party, you try to fucking study for Organic Chemistry when you have a midterm the next day at 8 AM.

    You know what's even worse, I was at a group therapy session in the evening, we were talking about how annoying people are at school/this city. Then I come home, I get out of the bathroom, he comes up to me and goes... "Check this out, I got free weed!" And he holds the bag in my face and says, "Smell this, this shit is dank." God, people are so annoying. I don't care about your damn weed. Damn pothead. You know, I've come to realize that at my university, 80% of all the guys are the surfer/stoner types. That's all they care about. It just pisses me off that this is all they talk about. When I'm walking to the bus or on the bus, I'm like, please...just shut up...listen to your damn self.

    Meatheads...these people are funny. All he does is eat all of our food. So damn annoying, and he likes bottles and bottles of protein supplements. He keeps talking about how much weight he can lift. When he walks around with just his boxers on, you can see his beer belly. Damn narcissists.

    Damn people...everyone just pisses me off. I want them all to just shut up so I don't have to listen to them about their parties and how "dank" their weed is. Just shut up. Don't these people realize how much of an idiot they are...and the fact that someone has to listen to them? I think my brain cells actually die from listening to his crap...

    Just my two cents...

    COMING SOON, my other roommate and his job...
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    Yeah unfortunately young "adults" go through the "party and pussy is the only thing that matters" stage...either they grow up and get out or they stay in this phase and suffer. Either way you'll be the one benefiting from his stupidity.
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    theOtherGuy Active Member less idiot to worry about in this world.'s bitch/ OTHER roommate and his job.

    So, the guy I'm living with, he's my "friend's" ex-boyfriend. He's pretty rich, his mother retired when she was ~50 something years old. Anyways, he's rich. So, I finally talked to him again after like 2 or so years, and we live together now. It sounded like a good idea at the time, he has money, he needed a roommate and I needed a place. Anyways, after a few months of living with him, I found out about his job. He works for a "pyramid scam." Though, he simply calls it "the best thing in this world," I call it a scam.

    How does his company that he works for operate? I'm glad you asked. The way it works is that you get people to join this phone company. And a portion of their bill for the month goes into your paycheck. Say, all your customers owe like $300 for their bill. If you signed them up to the phone company, you'd get...$100 from each customer (I don't know what the real percentage is, nor do I really care). Sounds good, but there's always a catch. You have to pay $500 to get in and sign up with the phone company first. So, if you don't get enough people to join the company, you lose money. That's how it operates. I think it's fucking annoying.

    I digress. He's fucking annoying. He invited me to go to this hearing, but nope, we weren't there just to listen to the presentation. We were there to talk to people to get hired. I guess, he tried to get his roommates to join him. And another thing, he had a friend (a girl) and my other roommate (the frat/stoner guy) liked her. So, he basically had her invite him to go to another convention and try to convince him to join. After he refused, she completely stayed away from him. The worst thing is, my annoying roommate that is IN the company convinced the frat guy to go to the convention, as a way to impress his girl friend.

    Fucked up I say...fucker...

    Anyways, that's just the beginning. He's just so damn annoying. All over his wall, he has like one liners about how, "He can succeed..." and all this bullshit. All about making money. Honestly, people like fucktards. They'd do so much for potential customers, but won't even help me out with the apartment. Worse too, when I went to his little presentation thing, everyone said how he changed and he talks to people and helps them solve their problems. BULL SHIT. He has the stupidest comments coming from his mouth, he can't even clean anything, he's a fucking retard. Just a fake facade...stupid job.

    And what else, his mother joined the company, and he yells at her at like 2 in the morning about the job (because apparently, he's a higher position than she is). So fucked up, scammed his mom into joining the company. All he talks about is his job. Donald Trump this...millionaire this...I'm going to be a millionaire...whatever. Some of us are content with mediocre living. Just STFU and GTFO....

    And, last year's Thanksgiving, I couldn't head home because we had only a few days, wouldn't have been worth the money to fly home. So he and I stayed here and he convinced me to have a Thanksgiving dinner here. He said he was going to bring some friends (because I don't have any). Guess what kind of people he brought. 10 of the people were ALL from his company. All night long, all they talked about is their job. And you know what else, they go on YouTube and watched videos of their conventions listening to people talk about their success at their jobs and crying about it. I was SO FUCKING PISSED. I wanted everyone to just STFU. So damn annoying...

    I apologize for the swear words...just feels a lot more dramatic that way. Thanks guys. STAYED TUNED FOR EPISODE 3...THE NEWLY FOUND CHRISTIAN/JESUS WORSHIPER ROOMMATE!
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    swear all the fuck you want, for fuck's sake, you fucker.


    actually the "language" on this website is very lax...

    the people you know sound like idiots, i'm glad you're better off than them