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    I keep making the same mistake time and time again. I keep offering to take people out to a movie or dinner out, thinking I might make a friend, but it never works out that way. People just want me to entertain them at my expence. They never call unless they want something. They never say, hey lets go here or there. If I don't offer, they won't call. Not even to bull shit.

    I don't understand, why are people like that? Why doesn't people want to get to know me. Is it, that no one cares? I can't possibly be that boaring. I ask for their phone number and they offer it without question, cause I was sending out funny texts. So they want to get in on the action. THEY WANT to recive but when I just want to bullshit via text, I get not responce.

    They're willing to recive, but not send. I know for a fact that they all have good cell contracts with include unlimited in comming and outgoing texts. Yet I still get no responce.

    Out of all the people I currently know. Not one of them has ever wanted to know anything about me. I have this one friend who only calls me when her husband isn't home cause she's not allowed to have friends. But when she calls, all she talks about is herself and her kids. She has never asked me anything about my life or my family.

    Or sure, so I'm a bit older then they are, so big deal. It's like at work. everyone knows my name, everyone one says how's it going, but after work. Nothing, nada, zero, zip. That's it, no one gives a shit.

    I'm so lonely :mad::sad:
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    i feel the same way. i think too many people are self-centered.

    i like to try and think positive and think that people dont realize they are giving you the cold-shoulder so i can try and stay optimistic but i know in reality they just dont care and are basically users and thats hard to take.
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    The truth is that most people at work will only chit chat with you at work. Outside of work they act as if they don't even know you. In a way this shows you that those people are not interest which saves you some hassle.
    You'll meet people who want to know you and who are better then those in your work circle.
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    Im sorry people treat u like this :( theyr not worth it...dont lose sleep over these people cos i can guarantee that they r not worryiin about sorry if that sounds harsh its not intended that way :( :(

    If they were ur true friends they would ask about u and ur life and genuinly care if u have troubles or are feeling down....and a good friend would do anything to cheer u up :)

    i was talkin to a good friend the other day and i said "i hate the world" and he replied "its not the world its the fuckers in it" .........thats true..

    people are self centred, out for themselves...people lie, cheat, deceive...thats just the way it is..:( i think that there are some genuine nice people out there, and im sure they will come into ur life soon, :) cos u seem like a nice person who deserves a good friend :)