Perdere (The Mask)

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    “ Perdere (The Mask) ”

    You give me perdition
    I respond with
    A lake of inner fire
    Where the carnage and hebephrenia
    Never tire

    Fight fire with fire
    They say, so certain
    Safe atop their bloodless spires
    Dropping that crimson curtain
    On humanity

    I’ve reached the boiling point
    Molten lava breaking through
    My exquisite mask
    Revealing something from you

    This hell that never tires
    Burning with vengeance
    At you, at me
    What we have created,
    Which is nothing but a soul killing spree

    At this point, lies will set you free...
    In the creation of another reality.
    You and me, we’re past the point of no return
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.